HELLLLLLLOOOOOO RACERS! Welcome back to a brand new year, a brand new season, and brand new queens on RuPaul’s Drag Race (which I will only refer to as RPDR online). Thirteen new queens are chosen, Ru’s budget is much higher and we’ve got some fabulous talent. Patrick gave you a bit of a rundown and I’m gonna give you my top queens. After seeing the first episode, my snap judgements were pretty much on point and I’ve got my Top 4 this season. Let’s get to it.

Queen’s entrance time! One by one they start filling in and of course want to make the biggest entrance possible. My favorites are already standing out but it’s not until the very LAST two that we see two of the biggest stars shine. Second to last is SHARON NEEDLES, who after this episode has already set herself WAY ahead of the pack as the most entertaining (and IMHO, one of if not THE best contestant on this show ever) walks into the workroom looking like a spooky witch and a MAJOR breath of fresh air just swept through the room. Not since Nina has there been a contestant that excited me this much. Following Sharon was LATRICE ROYALE who came painted to the nines and a personality that blew UP that workroom. LOVE her. LOVE LOVE LOVE her. After the entrances, Ru comes onto the screen welcoming everyone and telling them they are competing for a bunch of prize and 100k! 100K!!!! I wonder how season 1 winner is feeling only getting 0.65 cents.

ANYWAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY….this weeks theme is the “RuPocalypse“, which is a MILLION times better than the crap theme last year of “XMAS in JULY”…stupid. The first challenge was a totally toxic photo shoot. The queens were put on a spinning wheel and were shot with paint representing toxic goo. Some fell, some sucked and some were incredible. The winner was Jiggly (shown below), and it was totally the wrong choice.

Latrice should’ve taken this prize because she worked it the best. After falling, she did the rest of her shoot lying down. Brilliant. Onto the main challenge, they were taken to a sketchy hotel and had to grab all their gear from drag queen zombies…which were past DR contestants…amazing. They put a fabulous filter on the camera and let em go. Major shout out to Sharon Needles who stole the show while she was on screen, so funny.

The work room was where we saw what they were made of. Each had to create a post apocalyptic outfit and something different this season was no one broke down cause they couldn’t make an outfit. While some clearly couldn’t sew (Season 4…time to learn if you want on), they didn’t lose it. After workroom (and some sob stories) it was time for the runway. My standouts were Phi Phi Ohara (whose paint was INSANELY on point, and the outfit was standout) and obviously Sharon Needles who this challenge was built for. One of them was safe (Phi Phi) and Sharon was in the six that stayed back. We found out who the top (Sharon, Lashauwn & The Princess) and the bottom were (Jiggly, Kenya & Alyssa) after deliberation Sharon was crowned the winner of this challenge, and rightfully so. Her makeup was perfect & the blood from her mouth was an amazing touch. Kudos to Sharon.

Bottom two were Jiggly and Alyssa and they had to lip sync to “Toxic” by Britney Spears. Alyssa was dull – you CAN’T win this contest with just face and body honey. When are these queens gonna get that through their heads? It drives me crazy. While I didn’t think Jiggly should’ve won the photo challenge, she really turned out the lip sync, and would’ve made my personal top queen’s list…until I saw the “Untucked“. Calm down honey. After the lip sync, Jiggly got to stay and Alyssa had to sashay away. Breast plates, being completely fishy, and not turning it out during the lip sync do not a drag superstar make. Sharon needles said it best…

“There’s a million kinds of drag not just being a fishy annoying girl”

OH! I forgot…Shangela made a cameo in a cute gag that paid homage to popping out of a box like last season. We get it Shangela…but it was cute I’ll give her that.

So after watching the first episode AND the Untucked, I have made me decision on who my top queens are this season. I’m putting them alphabetically cause they are all fabulous…


  • Chad Michaels
  • Latrice Royale
  • PhiPhi Ohara (Who I am IN LOVE with. As a boy he is gorgeous…honestly tweet me. And I dig her sass. I’m gonna go stalker soon)
  • Sharon Needles

I was going to put Willam on there but after the Untucked, not so much. So my top 5 went down to 4. I’m also a bit torn with The Princess. While I dig the androgynous look, I need more from her.  So there you have it! I’ll be interviewing each of these queens once they get eliminated so stay tuned for that. And one more thing…is Kenya even a boy? I have a hard time believing it.

Our Elimination Interview With Alissa Summers

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