RuPaul’s Drag Race 3 Finale & Winner Interview: “America’s Favorite Drag Queen Is…”

Well, it’s here. After one incredible season of RPDR we have reached the finale…and not a moment too soon. This year we had 3 extra weeks added in! 1. Because of a 13th contestant. 2. Because of a non elimination episode. 3. Because Carmen was brought back. OOOO CHILD RuPaul really knows how to milk her cash cow am I right?

In one of the worst kept secrets in RuPaul’s Drag Race history RAJA was crowned the winner, but we had a bunch of stuff to get through before she got her crown so let’s get to it right?

The final challenge to Raja, Manila and Alexis was presented to the three by Michelle Visage, who looked great last night. She presented the three with their final challenge, appearing in a music video with RuPaul for her new single “Champion” which we’ve got at the bottom of this post. The queen were going to represent Greek Goddesses in all their glory, Greek athletes, and have a sexy time dance with one of the pit crew. When they showed up to rehearsal they were greeted by their choreographer Borat, who showed them what they had to do. Raja and Manila were having a bit of trouble with the posing and steps, but in the end everything ended up working out fine. The girls were doing all the work while Ru just stood on her higher podium…I just said a mouthful there didn’t I?

After the music video, it was final runway time. Santino, Michelle and Ru were the only three judges on panel last night, and each of the queen had to show up in a look that best represented themselves.

Alexis chose something very showgirl and very cha cha, Manila wore a great gown and she was done up to the T, and Raja chose a Victor/Victoria/Cabaret look. After their final runway walks and video critiques (all the judges were very nice this round, probably because it’s the end) Ru asked each of the contestants the pros and cons of themselves and the other queens. Alexis had the best response when she talked about Manila, it got a GOOD laugh from our crowd.When the contestants were excused the judges talked about each of them. Funny enough, I think these 3 were really the most consistent throughout the entire season. They each have more that 2 wins under their belts, they are really the most creative out of all the queens (except for maybe India who could literally build a queen from the ground up) and they were incredibly talented.

Alas they started to get picked off. Alexis was the first to be eliminated and after a lipsync between Raja and Manila to CHAMPION Raja was crowned this seasons winner. While I do LOVE Raja and I think she is SICKLY talented, I kind thought Manila should’ve taken the crown this season. I mean that’s just a little personal preference and if it wasn’t Manila I’m glad it was Raja. Actually come to think of it I would’ve been happy if any of the final 3 took home the title. It’s kind of nice when the finals end up like that no?

Well….that’s it for me for once more season. Next week is the reunion episode and I’ll probably have one last update…if I’m not RuPaul’d out enough. Thanks to LOGO for all the great interview, my LOGO boyfriend Mike who I talk to every Tuesday before the queens, OutTV for broadcasting it at the right time in Canada this season, The Helm for the viewing parties and of course thanks to me!




  • gogo

    Yawn. I think Raja was fierce on the runway but she has no personality. I was rooting for Manilla or Delta the whole season. All in all I’m just happy that Shangela didn’t win so it’s all good.

  • gogo

    Also I have to say that this year’s video was JANKY!!! I love me some Ru but after seeing years of amazing videos from her this one was the worst and cheapest looking, in my opinion. And one would think that with this be Logo’s biggest original show they could have helped up the production value.