RuPaul’s Drag Race Episode 13: “The Home Stretch”

Well dolls, after a pretty good season we are in the home stretch. The 2nd to last episode where we found out who the final 3 are, but before we had to axe someone.

This week’s challenges I felt were a bit poor, not from the execution standpoint but from the conception of it. What a stupid week, it was like a throwaway week and I was not happy about it. The mini challenge this week, each of the queen had 3 minutes to sell something on RuVC. Raja sold her gaff (which if you don’t know flattens your bits so there’s no lumps. Manila sold MAN ila spray, and all purpose spray. Yara sold a pop it on, which is like a tube of hair that pops onto your head. And Alexis sold…oh god what the hell did Alexis sell I can’t even remember. OH YEAH her hip and ass pads.

Yara was declared the winner even though Manila was the best one, and she was given an extra million Ru dollars to make her dress with. That’s right, they had to make dresses out of money. What a stupid challenge. They had to make a bathing suit, a cocktail dress after 5pm, and an evening gown. OH! And top it all off, they had to do a choreographed routine…how very Diva Awards from last year.

So the queen’s start working and we see that Alexis is on the verge of a breakdown. I mean, no offense but I was kind of hoping she was going to leave. I feel like out of those four, Raja, Manila and Yara were the best. But Manila made a good point, that Alexis represents a whole different genre of drag. Not only that, but she has been kind of turning it out with the Lip Syncs and some of the challenges…hmm ok maybe Alexis did deserve to get into the finals. But then who would go?

At this point I have my favourite, and I’m ready to let you know who it is. While Raja is fierce, and Yara is hilarious my absolute favourite this season is Manila. Manila truly is the best this season and you can quote me on that. Everything about her from the very beginning has been amazing. Her outfits are great, she is always a character on stage. Her makeup is amazing, she’s SO funny, coy and I feel like she would be totally personable and approachable. I personally think Manila is this year’s breakout star period and I think that she will win fan favourite this year. I don’t really know of anyone else that would take that to be honest. Back to the episode…

On the runway, Ru was joined with Michelle Visage, Mike Ruiz (yum!) Latoya Jackson once again and an author with a REALLY long name Gig Levangie Grazer (who wrote the novel The Starter Wife…fun fact!).  The first look they had to show was the bathing suit look while doing their dance. Alexis’ was the standout in the choreography because it was hers and Manila had the best outfit. The Cocktail after5pm, again Manila had the best outfit, while it wasn’t a typical cocktail after 5pm it was cute and sassy. The final look was interesting, mainly because there’s no way in hell that those dressed were made in the time allowed BUT it’s the magic of reality television. Raja had the best look no this one, with Manila coming in second. I just think Yara totally overworked hers, and Alexis’ was a bit too pageanty, but hey she’s a pageant girl.

Manila won again with Alexis and Yara falling into the bottom. Something happened that was so heartbreaking, Yara just gave up. She gave up completely and broke down and I don’t know why. She was one of the strongest competitors this season, and definitely one of the most creative and I can pretty much guarantee that if she kept it together she would’ve been in the final 3. So my heart broke a little bit with what happened BUT you don’t have to worry about her. She said she was broke but honey she’s making the dollah bills now…that bitch it being booked everywhere!

So the final three this season are
ALEXIS – out pageant girl
MANILA – this seasons breakout star
RAJA – the model

Who’s it gonna be? FIND OUT NEXT WEEK!


  • Drey

    Ever since the first episode, when Manila stepped out on the runway in that AMAZING outfit and the “I AM LIVING ON THE RUNWAY”, it was her and Mariah that were my favourites.

    Manila to me is like Pandora II, she’s campy and fun. She has alot of personality. A happy personality and doesn’t take herself seriously. She’s pretty and her runway isn’t just “runway”, sometimes it’s costume which is just as amazing. She’s my all-time best RPDR contestant. (Pandora being 2nd all-time now).

  • I agree with Drey about Pandora and Manila having a hugely unique personality that just outshines the rest, but this season, the star has the LOOK as well which might just get her the win.
    Tommy, I died when Yara COLLAPSED (no other way to describe it) on the runway and just gave up… it was pretty shocking and traumatic, especially for an episode with such throw-away challenges as you so rightly put it. Though, Raja’s money dress was BRILLIANT- please don’t ruin my sense of fantasy by telling me those weren’t done in the allotted fake time haha.

    Alexis is NOT willing to take advice and direction and I feel is the weakest going into the final, and as much as i’ve loved Raja since day one (mostly cause I would compare myself to her out of them all with the knowing sassiness) I would totally be okay with manila taking the gold and totally agree she would be awesome to have a drink with and def the easiest to get along with fo sho.

    can’t wait for finale!