RuPaul’s Drag Race 3 Episode 12: “Jujubee Is Back!”

Well no, she isn’t, but that was one of the funniest lines from the funniest episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race that has every aired, and I’m not even joking.

So last night was the end to a week long cliffhanger of who would come back. After all the names being guessed my money was on India Ferrah, mainly because I honestly don’t think we saw what she had to offer. India is someone with ridiculous talent, so much so that she can pretty much build a drag queen from nothing. She makes her own wigs, clothes, paints for filth all that stuff, so I thought it was going to be her because of this week’s challenge of putting straight men in drag.

It was in fact, Carmen Carrera. NO ONE saw that one coming and while I was disappointed that it wasn’t India, I could fuck with it being Carmen.

This week’s show was all about sports and jocks, and it was amazing. The mini challenge this week, the queens each chose someone to put in a dunk tank and try to get them wet. Raja chose Carmen and barely got her wet. Alexis chose Yara and got her 14 times! 14!!! Yara chose Alexis, Manila chose Carmen, and Carmen chose Raja. The winner CLEARLY was Alexis, and she got a little advantage in the main challenge.

Staying true to the creating a queen of seasons past, this season they had to take a straight jock and turn them into their drag sisters. Previous years we had straight females turn them into daighters, old gay men turn them into mothers, and this year straight men to turn into sisters. Oh yes, laughs ensued. Alexis jock Slava’was the epitome of the age old question…Gay or European? This guy was flirting with Alexis asking all these sexy romantic question about her life, it was getting a bit hot in herrrrre let me tell you. Honestly if he wasn’t gay before, he’s thinking about it now!

Throughout the episode, we saw the jocks struggle with walking in heels, tucking, padding and getting their looks together for the runway…then shock of shock we had a twist! They had to come up with a cheer to promote safe sex. The cheers were funny, seeing these guys trying to get choreography down was the highlight. Alexis and Yara and Manila with their sisters Avals, Drewlita and Fuchsia were the standout for sure. Raja and Carmen struggled…Then came the runway challenge. Alexis and Avals looked identical, she did such an incredible job transforming Slava it was uncanny. The fully looked like sisters, and I thought she had it in the bag. HOWEVER, it was Manila and Fuchsia that won the main challenge mainly because Fuchsia REALLY got into the character and was like a perfect twin to Manila’s character. So she and her Jock both took home a cruise to the bahamas…not bad!

For the first time this season, we saw Raja fall into the bottom 2 with Carmen. Oh Carmen…what are we going to do with you? The queens did a very pornoriffic lip sync which ended pretty in some girl on girl action on the floor….and the jocks watching it couldn’t get enough…and with that Carmen was sent home for the second time. Now as much as I do love Carmen, if India was there this week I bet you anything she would’ve turned out the best queen. But that’s neither here nor there.

So since we lost Carmen again, there will be no interview this week. However check out the video that Patrick and Donovan got with Alexis in Florida last week! THEY SCOOPED ME! haha.


  • Drey

    By far the best, funniest episode for me… EVER!
    I thought Alexis and Yara had cute jocks to makeover.
    Also I found Alexis is much more likeable without Shangela about (or is that just me?).

    Glad Manila won! I have my bias of course as she’s my top queen of this Season, possibly of all 3 Seasons.

    The other 4 shouldn’t have their weeks of hard work snatched away by anyone, so I was thankful Carmen was brought back… still wish it was Mariah though. Meh.

    …but I’m curious as to what the makeover challenge could potentially be next Season? Maybe overweight people?

  • nsanity

    awesome episode!
    the un-tucked with the boys left was hilarious!!
    raise your hands people if you think slava and carmen’s jock are gay!
    getting a stiffie from carmen OUT OF DRAG?! come on now…

  • Tommy, I already wrote on your wall but had to put it here:

    I died SO many times… Manilla on the runway, teaching here HOT man killed me.killed me.KILLED ME.

    Also, Tommy, I almost MURDERED you when I scanned the site and saw your title thinking that jujube was ACTUALLY back and so i assumed that was what was going to happen when i watched the episode haha.. VERY surprised as well with the choice… maybe other girls said no..? maybe they didn’t want to give it to someone who might actually WIN it and that would seem unfair..? (maybe that’s a bit cynical about carmer- she’s hot as hell but we all knew she was never gonna win).

    I agree with nsanity: there’s some mo’ in those boys whether they want to admit it or not, but regardless, they were GREAT sports and really put it out there. good on em’… keep the gay/straight alliance efforts alive- it’s good for tv land to see!

  • Okay, okay, i promise this is my last rant about it but i HAD to rewatch the episode (mainly manilla’s practice with the ‘fish’ on the strip and the soft porn sing off)… and as much as i’ll always love raja and want her to win, if you (and by that i now mean WE) ever get a chance to party with Manilla it’s ON and i’m there… don’t care what city or what liver transplant surgery i have scheduled, i’m skipping it. raja might be TOO much woman for me to party with, but manilla would just straight up be the greatest time ever ha. don’t want her to lose but can’t WAIT to hear her interview with her haha.