RuPaul’s Drag Race 3 Episode 11: “Hairy Balls”

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! The Episode I’m not in town for (Driving back from Vegas) is the episode I have been waiting all season long for.

Ladies, gentlemen and everything in between two things happened in last night’s episode that I haven been waiting for all season long, but we’ll get to that later.

This week’s challenge was all about hair and wigs, and I thought it was totally a great idea. The mini challenge, the queen had to make a headpiece using only things mopped from the gay beach. It was cute I guess, Raja’s was clearly the best so she won the mini challenge. This is when we found out that the main challenge this week was all about wigs wigs wigs. They had to create three wig looks, classic era, modern red carpet and fantasy hair. Honey, I KNEW who was going to win and who was going home this week right away. It was too obvious and it made me SO happy. As the winner of the mini challenge, Raja got a 5 second head start to pick her wigs before everyone else, and she was on a mission! The res of the queen attacked the wig stand and started working.

Right away you could see the winner, Yara’s wig was something else! It was light years ahead of everyone else’s. Shangela’s was looking a mess with those cones, it just  look like an amateur craft project, but what do you expect? She doesn’t have the skill set, we’ve seen it time and time again, and i got a BIG smile on my face because I knew that this was it for Shangela…HALELOO!

After they kept working, Ru came back and mentioned that UH OH…there’s more! They had to create a dress made fully out of hair for the fantasy wig section of the competition. MWAHAHAHA! This is where we would see who could really pull through. 4 did great, 1 didn’t.

On the runway, Ru, Michelle and Santino were joined by Wayne Brady and Fantasia. I NEVER understood Fantasia, like never. I didn’t think she was good on idol, I think shes an awful actress (she couldn’t even play herself) I hate the way she looks, I don’t like anything about her but I digress. On the runway they had to show their 3 different looks. The STANDOUTS this week were Yara, Raja and Manila. For me personally my top two were Yara and Manila. While I like Raja’s stuff I just felt like more work went into Yara’s and Manila’s. Plus, as Michelle said, Manila always has the most adorable themes to her outfits. Her bumble bee was SO cute I couldn’t even stand it. But Yara took the top prize, and it was absolutely deserved. That’s was one of the best things that’s happened, Yara finally got her win.

Alexis who’s red carpet modern day mohawk was a mess, and Shangela who’s EVERYTHING was a mess were in the bottom 2. Uh oh Shangela 3 strikes you’re out! Now, while I have said before the Shangela is a great performer, during a ballad she can’t deliver. Alexis was AB-SO-LU-TE-LY incredible, and you could tell everyone had their eyes on her. While poor Shangela had to do what Shangela does when she’s in trouble..which is rip off her wig. If you listened to my interview with RuPaul at the start of the season you’ll hear that she said once the wig comes off, it’s as if the queen gives up, especially during the lip sync for yo’ life. So Shangela is finally gone and I feel like the top 4 is actually legit.

BUT WAIT…SOMEONE IS COMING BACK?!? That’s right, in a twist that no one (not even I) saw coming, Ru made the announcement that one of the liminated contestants is coming back? Who the hell is it gonna be…I saw give it to Venus or Phoenix. First of all Venus got ripped off in week one when Shangela should’ve been sent packing for messing up the week 1 challenge again, and Phoenix’s space outfit that week was actually the best one. Also I think India would be a good one to bring back, I kinda felt like we don’t know her either very much. Fuck if it’s Shangela I’m going to never watch this show again. But who know who it’s going to be?

Which queen would you like to see come back?

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Stay tuned with my interview with Shangela it’s going to be a good one why…because I’m gonna keep it real! HALLEPOO!

  • Drey

    I think if it’s Shangela, you will watch it again lol (just like me).

    I don’t want it to be Shangela as I feel it defeats the object of twisting it, they may as well have just done a double-stay… AGAIN! I think it may be- wikipedia said it was (until it got removed…)- let’s hope wiki is wrong.

    Mariah is who I want back, despite her bitter exit I LOVED her confessionals/speaking voice/make-up/runway- despite underwhelming/lackluster performances she’s truly missed…

    If not Mariah, then maybe India or Delta or even Mimi- Mimi and India were not really in Heather/anti-Heather groups and I kinda miss Delta. I think any big girl is just easy-kill against the 4 queens left…

  • gabri

    Doesn’t anybody think that the classic look of manila was so much similar to the dress that raja wore in the first episode??

  • Drey

    Wow, now that you mention it- I see similarities in the hairpiece/hair more than anything though.

    Having said that, I found the theme reminded me of Raja’s Marie-Antoinette look slightly. Slightly.

  • Denart

    Are you going to be this big of a dick to Shangela when you talk to her tomorrow? Jeez. Besides being about style this show is also about star quality and Shangela has that in spades. She’s an amazing tv personality, she’s an amazing performer, she’s a hilarious comedian and she can really act as well. She deserved to be there for this long. Way to go Shangela! I hope you make it back to the show just so you can piss off haters like Tommy D a little more.

  • Oscar

    Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 3 Has More Tricks Than All The Heather’s(Raja,Manila,Carmen,Delta)Working Santa Monica Blvd, As Busted/Broke Down Drag Queen Prostitutes On A Weekend Night Shift…lol.. Remember This Is Reality Television
    Shangela Is Survivor She Was The Underdog,And Still Surpassed Some Of The Other Queens For The Top 5 Spot….
    The Queen Never Give Up On Her Pipe Dream Of Winning The Competition She Fought A Good Fight, And Her Perseverance & Determination Was Very Impressive.Kudos Shangela!!!!!!!!
    Bring “Mariah “Back She Was A Fierce Queen Of Season 3,
    Her Look Of Realness Was Right On Point..We Miss Mariah!!!
    Congatulations Yara For This Weeks Win You Deserved It….
    Go Team:Yara,Alexis Good Luck!!!
    Don’t Let Them Trashy Heather’s Win….lol

  • I would NEVER be rude, however I will not back down and go back on anything I have written about either. Honestly, I’m not stupid, I know how TV works and Ru let her stay for this long for ratings and DRAMA!

    She’s the most polarizing character on this show since the beginning, and I do think shes a great performer, I just think shes awful on this show and she should’ve been gone the first week.

    And I have absolutely no problems telling her that.

  • Denart

    So where’s the interview? I’m looking forward to this one. Tell her congratulations on her new NBC pilot.

  • Tyrell
  • Jaxxon

    Tommy D – great recap. Absolutely agree. Plus, I always like that you’ll throw in a “fuck” here and there… makes the recap seem more yours than a sanitized version!! 🙂