Rupaul’s Drag Race 2: Meet the Queens


Probably the most exciting reality show to hit the gay world since MANHUNT, that male model show, RuPaul’s Drag Race came stomping down the runway of cable television and took no prisoners. The first season was such a huge success, that even the mainstream media latched onto it as fast as possible, making RuPaul, and 9 other Queens, house hold names. One of them, probably the breakout star of last season NINA FLOWERS even made Vancouver a stop during PRIDE last year…and The Province did a HUGE full page spread on the Diva.

They hit the nail on the head with this show. It’s a mix of everything we like as an audience; Top Model, Project Runway, American Idol and mix in serious fag drama, everyone who saw it was hooked instantly. So much so that it became one of the biggest shows on the LOGO network, and was green lit for season two…and they are turning it out this year. Instead of 9, we get 12 queens (3 of which I know, and a few others I recognize from other cities), all fish queens (meaning they are giving you lady) and LOST of attitude.

Wanna meet em?

jessicawildJessica Wild ,28, San Juan, Puerto Rico – Jessica Wild was this years winner of the viewer vote. Those Puerto Rican girls get all the votes (Nina Flowers was last year’s viewer winner). Jessica wants to be a singer like RuPaul, but will her language skills impede her path?
jujubeeJujubee, 25, Boston MA – Jujubee is fucking ADORABLE. A deadringer for Kimora Lee Simmons (when she’s wearing her brown wig). Juju describes herself as poppy and fashion forward. Plus she loves glitter “Cause it’s wicker spaaakly”
morganMorgan McMichaels 28, Mira Loma CA – This is one of my girls! I LIVE for Morgan. I am so happy she’s on the show this season. This girl is one of the best performers I have ever seen in my life, and I’ve only seen her on YouTube. Morgan is hot, sexy, and stomps the floor with the best of ’em. Plus, she was a gem when I met her a couple years ago at White Party. Werk it girl!
mystiqueMystique Summer Madison, 25, Bedford TX – She is representin for the big girls. Mystique is a gem (and Paul Nixey’s fave). We met her in Austin TX last year, and those two were inseprable! Mystique can do anything a skinny girl can, and bring some flavour to it. From the clips I saw, this mama can split with the best of em (You’ll know what I mean when you see the show)
nicoleNicole Paige Brooks, 36, Atlanta GA – NPB is one of the girls I have known from afar for a few years. She is the reigning queen from the legendary House of Brooks from the ATL. Miss Thing has been doing drag for 15 years and she will for sure be a force to be reckoned with.
pandoraPandora Boxx, 37, Rochester NY – Pandora is this season’s oldest contestant, but by no means is that going to hinder her. Ms Boxx is credited as being this season’s funny girl, and hopes to win the title that way.
ravenRaven, 30, Riverside CA – Calling herself a dark Ice Queen, I think we might have this season’s bitch all lined up and ready to go. Although only time will tell exactly what is going to happen with Raven, but I’m sure we can expect a drama filled ride with this one.
saharaSahara Davenport, 29, New York NY – Trained in ballet, jazz and modern dance, this regal queen is trained to the hilt. You know how much I love a dancer, let’s see if she can prance her way to the finish. Her and Shangela are super close and their meeting in the workroom is PRICELESS!
shangelaShangela Laquifa Wadley, 28, Studio City CA – This is my other girl. Shangela is the newly crowned Entertainer of the Year in California, and when I saw a clip of her performance I was blown away. A new girl to the scene, Shangela (Angela with a SH) has only been doing drag for less than a year, but she is set to take this world by storm. I’m hoping her newness will not hinder her chances…first episode is the sewing episode. Don’t fuck it up girl! HOT AS A GUY TOO!
soniqueSonique, 26, Atlanta GA – I love this girl’s name. I love this girl’s look, and this girl in boy form is kinda hot! She’s a former gymnast so you know she will be flipping over her competition.
tatiannaTatianna, 21, Falls Church VA – The only thing that you can say about Tatianna is this fish is taking no prisoners. In the preview clip, Miss Tatianna takes my girl Morgan’s items…not cool Tatianna. But it is a competition I guess.
tyraTyra Sanchez, 21, Orlando FL – Tyra swears she’s “America’s Sweetheart” but its usually the ones who say they are that really aren’t. Miss thing is crafty and knows how to work a runway. Let’s see if she can stomp the other’s to the ground.

So you see who I’m rooting for! I’m loving Morgan and Shangel for the win, with a major shout out to Mystique and Sonique, but really at this point I’m just running on what I know prior to the show. RuPaul’s Drag Race airs on LOGO in the USA starting Feb 1st and hopefully we’ll be getting it on MuchMore Music again shortly after that. Who’s your favourite? I’m sure you’ll make your decisions soon enough.

  • I can’t WAIT!!

    The preivews that are out are fucking hysterical! I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL SUNDAY! Well Monday…hopefully they’ll be online by then riiiight?

  • Hmmmm homos are often the worst about getting on top of filesharing of new shows haha, but hopefully some queen will get on top of it in the east coast right away so we can have it night of! I’m so excited to see what they do now that they have some actual money to back up production costs 😛

  • Angel-27

    I Love the show!!!!!!! Keep up the good work diva’s!!!!

  • lilly;)

    i love all of you bitches!!!!!! lol can’t wait to see who winsss i’m routing for you tati baby;)) love yah – lilly

  • danette bradley

    jujubee i love u soooooo much . u said u did’nt have any friends well i want 2 be ur true friend , i know its hard 2 trust people but i am a 42 year ol female i have no kids i live in the bronx!! n would love for u 2 know that people love u sweetie u r FABOULOUS!!!!!!!! SO E-MAIL ME IF U WILL. in friend indeed i am !!!!