RuPaul’s Drag Race 2 Episode 9: Diva Awards


We are in the home stretch…thank god. I’m ready for this season to wrap it up as are most people that I know.

This episode, much like LAST year’s second to last episode. Each of the remaining girls have to come up with three looks for the runway; Teen Diva, Executive Realness, & DIVA awards. Throughout the episode we see each of them thinking up some outfits, some sturggle more than others, but this is the final 4, the best right? Meh.

As the episode goes on, we found out that they have to a routine to start the DIVA awards, and that Tyra is in charge. We all know what happened the last time Tyra was in a group, but this time goes a little bit better. Well better in the sense that she doesn’t want to walk out. The rehearsal is a bit of a mess, but as we all know they are sure to pull it together. In the dressing room as they get ready for the runway, we find out that everyone thinks that Tatianna will not be making into the top 3.  I agree with them (sadly), but she might pull something out of her hooha.


The special guest judges this week are Tony Winner Marissa Winakour  from Hairspray, and Oscar winner Tatum O’Neal. So they are kidn fo big deals. Also, a special twist is that the girl are interviewed by gay legend James St James as part of their diva awards red carpet challenge.

As the girls are walking down the runway, we can clearly tell that Tatianna is the weakest link, her looks are a bit of a mess, a bit too short and a bit too tight. The other girls are tru to themselves are kidn of turn it out. Once again, stupid Tyra wins the main challenge and the bottom two this week are Tatianna and Jujubee. After lip syncing to Aretha Franklin, it is Tatianna that gets sent home. Gasp….but not really.


So we have our final three girls, Tyra (stupid) Raven (Full of herself) and Jujubee (we like her). I STILL have this horrible feeling that Tyra is going to take it. I know it’s NOT goign to be Juju, so it’s really a two way race.

Two weeks the finale is on…until then.

  • harmony

    I actually want juju to win. I don’t think tyra is going to win, the voice is a issue. And raven is very full of herself and she looks old. So I hope juju takes it. Raven and tyra are so happy that the pretty girl left. It will be interesting to see them battle each other. Team jujubee

  • Sam

    i kidn fo liked it.