‘RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars’ Finale: The First Hall of Famer Is…

Definitely not the person everyone wanted it to be.

As I sit here and write the review for the finale of RuPaul’s All-Stars Drag Race, I had to take a moment and figure out what angle I was going to take. I could write about how pissed off I was and rage type and make tons of mistakes, but I’ve already done that. I can write about how the fan favorites were ROBBED AGAIN but everyone else has already done that. Instead I am going to write about how absolutely disappointed I, and pretty much everyone else in the world is with tonight’s decision. But let’s recap shall we?

There was no mini challenge this week because the Final 4 had a big main challenge. It was very reminiscent of America’s Next Top Model and the go sees. The queens had to drive around LA and make 3 stops: An interview, to accept an award and finally to do a stand up routine. Before that however, each of the queens had a 1 on 1 with Sheri Oteri to run their routines and get some pointers. All of them had issues so it was hard to tell right away who was in the lead.

During the main challenge, the queens were driven around by former contestants Delta Work and Ongina (Where the hell was SHE for All Stars hmmmm?). The interview was a four person interview and they had to make sure they got their points across without being swallowed up by the other girls. I personally thought Shannel did the best in this challenge, and my poor Jujubee was left in the dust. Next, it was off to Hamburger Mary’s for the dedication of a new burger named after the queens. Raven did the best here hands down. Shannel was meh, Chad started almost crying again and Jujubee ate that burger like it was going out of style! The final bit of the challenge was the stand up in front of a live audience. Jujubee did well, Chad was better. Shannel was meh, and Raven turned it out. Her delivery and timing was everything, and after all of this she was definitely the front runner to win.

On the runway each of the queens just wore what best represented them. Jujubee had a cute dress with train on, Shannel had this cool showgirl outfit on, but I wish she cinched it or something because she had no shape. Raven looked FLAWLESS in hot pants, bustier, sick jacket and PERFECT blonde hair, and Chad walked out in an outfit that wasn’t age appropriate and honestly looked very similar to the giraffe one she wore in Season 4… just a different fabric. Ru had to start knocking some of these bitches off, and it was Shannel and Jujubee that didn’t make it to the top two. It was sad, but I kind of saw it coming.

Raven and Chad were the top two, and if you were paying attention to the All Star Facebook page, there was a poll with Chad vs Raven; Good vs. Evil and Raven took it by THOUSANDS of votes. I started to get really excited. During the lip sync to Ru’s new song, the top two All Stars went head to head. Chad was doing his thing as he always does, watered down Cher arm flicks, bouncing around whatever. Raven’s lip sync was on point. She gave you levels standing, on the ground, seductive sexy very Raven. In my HEART I knew she was going to win, but in my head and my gut… All Stars was going to Chad Michaels. And I was right. Last season when Sharon Needles won, my living room erupted (there’s a video on youtube somewhere with it). After Chad Michaels was declared the winner, no one really said anything. We kind of all sat there just looking at the screen. No one was tweeting or saying anything. It was a very surreal moment because we didn’t. give. a. shit.

I have made it very clear where I stand with Chad Michaels in these reviews and ones from last season. I also have made it very clear that I believe All Stars was created so that Ru can give Chad Michaels (who she has known for years) a win. I’m not very surprised by how this all turned out, but I will say that RuPaul’s Drag Race might lose lots of fans after this. I don’t understand why they asked the fans to vote if they weren’t going to take into account what the public wanted. I keep a very close eye on the FB posts and tweet and RT’s, and Chad was never anywhere near the top. Hell even in a head to head with Raven, Chad was thousands of votes away.

Listen, RuPaul picks who RuPaul wants to win for whatever reason. I feel that she had to pick Sharon last season because the fan votes were OVERWHELMING and if she didn’t there would have big major backlash. I fear that it is coming for this, maybe not as much but it will be coming. Am I going to boycott the show? Probably not, it’s still one of the best shows on television, but I have lost a little bit of respect for the people who make the decisions. Why ask us, the fans, who we want to win if you’re not going to pick the person we clearly have voted for?

I also want to give a MAJOR shout out to Shannel. I have been a bit hard on her in my reviews and tonight she changed my perception of her quite a bit. During the Untucked, Shannel showed us a very vulnerable side when she said that she knew she wasn’t going to win. She wanted to, she would’ve LOVED to, but she knew that she wasn’t going to. I feel like that was such a humble thing to say and I applaud her for that. I don’t mean by any means that she isn’t good, just that sometimes you gotta face reality and you know you’re not going to get something you really want. It’s very grown up. Also, she revealed something very personal about her love for her mother. It was a very touching moment in the shows history. So kudos.

So that’s my All Stars review. Was it a good season? Not really, they kinda mucked it up. If they do another one it better be different. Maybe villains? Or the LOST stars (but who would watch that REALLY?). I will be back in January when Season 5 starts up as usual. I will also be getting SUPER drunk with Raven when I go see her in January in LA.

I want to take a moment and write directly to her. Whether or not she reads this I don’t know, but I really want to tell you (Raven) CONGRATULATIONS!!! Even though RuPaul didn’t think you were worthy for the Drag Race Hall of Fame, just know that you are TRULY in the fans Hall of Fame. You are our ALL STAR!

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  • Del

    Well that’s 6 weeks of my life I’ll never get back.

    #RUJUBEE <3

  • JMC

    Raven was robbed, urgainnn. Raven gave a diverse and playful lipsync that was sexy and fun and you’ll notice a lot of her lipsync appears in the Responsitrannity video right down to Beth Ditto doing the robot. Meanwhile Chad did his same 80’s, 90’s back up dancer two step of boredom.

    On the runway Raven was in top form and gorgeous. Jujubee who I adore underwhelmed and Shannel stayed true to her essence and looked fantastic. Then there was Chad, trapped in the 80’s with the same ol’ paint, snore.

    Just like when season 2 ended we all know Raven should have won and I want to say that’s what matters but fact is Chad just got $100,000 that he ROBBED from Raven’s bank account.

  • DW

    Worst season ever.

    When it started I used to watch the video to find out who won, LSFYL’d,etc. The past couple of weeks I’ve just come here and read your (awesome) reviews regardless just so I could know.

    Season 3 is the best Season so far… the moment we were top 4 any of those queens could have taken the title and I’d have been happy. Manila is still my favourite queen!

    I think All-Stars didn’t do many queens a favour. Honestly, for most of them, it would have been better if we just had good memories of them on their seasons and we said to ourselves “I’d love to see more of them!” < sometimes the fantasy is better than the reality.

    Thanks again bubz!

  • budkuss

    RAVEN should have won both her season and All-Stars. This was a shitty season pairing folks up. Rujubee are AWESOME. I just don’t get why RuPaul dogged Raven. I hope this isn’t the last I’ll see of Raven.

  • When it came to Chad and Raven, I have predicted Chad will take it. Raven is Allison’s version in RuPaul’s Drag Race. Deep in my heart, I want Manila to win this. She has the personality, attitude, fashion sense and outstanding lip sync.

  • DC

    Even the judges were shocked!!!!

    Raven you’re our ALL STAR!!!!

    Shame on RU!!!!

  • ZooZoo

    I disagree. I think who did best on the second and third challenge was subjective and that they were neck and neck. Raven might have done more in her lip-sync but it was not to the feel of the song and the robot was weird. Chad felt it and performed it beautifully. You’re entitled to your opinion but don’t say you speak for everyone.

  • DC

    Sorry, didn’t mean to speak for everyone, just the 99%.


  • kbc

    So sad right now for Raven who has turned out such consistent, amazing FIERCENESS yet keeps getting denied. Cheap liquor stores don’t get robbed this much. And yes, I get that Chad is a helluva queen – such a pro – but if anything, he got outpro’d by Raven, who matched him in every challenge, then stomped his azz in that lip synch. Miss Raven — Still my all-time fave! (Luvs me some Juju too!)

  • justin

    i think the true disaster was when tyra won over raven.

    i think chad is a deserving queen to take the title since i think rupaul was looking for someone to do what rupaul did for drag. she i think is the first person most people think of when they are asked about drag queens. i think rupaul made drag mainstream and i think she feels that chad could do the same thing especially with his amazing cher impersonations. i cant wait for the next season and maybe theyll do another season of all stars and let raven win if she decides to participate.

    i love raven and i also wished for her to win but i also think that chad is also deserving of it as well.

  • Disappointed

    Sorry to tell you, but even among gay men, Cher has not been hugely popular since the 80’s with films like Moonstruck and the 90’s with “Believe”. No matter how you look at it, that’s over 14 years ago. Cher is outdated and hardly novel. Besides that, Chad’s Cher was Season 4 not this season. Impersonations are really only a tiny component of what is required for a RuPaul Drag winner, so it’s barely worth mentioning.

    What this comes down to is, who put together strong, flawless outfits every episode? Who met every challenge head on?

    Raven was consistently hated on by judges every episode. This episode her makeup was “too shiny” (because they had nothing else to criticize her on), during the impersonations episode they didn’t like her impersonation (which I thought was one of the best two!) It feels like they were just cooking up reasons to criticize her, the same as happened back in Season 2- when she was unfairly in bottom 2 early on in the season and, yes, was completely robbed of the crown by Tyra.

    This season the judges consistently kissed the ass of Chad every episode. It was nothing but endless praise and compliments for outfits which were largely boring or tacky. Chad was one of the stronger competitors of Season 4- for sure, but in All Stars it felt like she put in almost no effort, and some of her outfits were too cluttered/tacky (the peacock feather outfit, the superhero outfit, etc.).

    And another comment: time after time we saw team Shad getting put through when they really didn’t deserve it. Queens Behaving Badly their looks were uninspired and tacky. I agree that their choreography was the best in Episode 4, but Episode 5 even if Raven’s look was not particularly “comic book” and Juju’s was too simple they still looked good. Whereas Shad, Shannel looked like some kind of BDSM fetishist and Chad’s outfit was tacky. I felt like they rode on Chad’s concept which the judges liked (which didn’t even meet the All Ages requirement).

    I don’t deny that Chad is professional and has a very polished look. I also think she’s certainly had a long career and done lots of hard work for drag. But Drag Race isn’t about handing out crowns for Off-Show work: you have to turn it out ON the show THAT SEASON, and this season Chad was even more boring and outdated than Season 4.

    Plain and simple, Raven was totally robbed. If anything she was the only contestant of the final 4 to pull consistent, unique and memorable looks every episode and really had little or no flaws in her completion of challenges. Aside from the largely pointless mini-challenges and crappy main challenges, based on the final winner, this season was truly a sham. History repeating itself.

  • Cherry Noble

    Let’s not forget, and this thing is never spoken about, the finale was filmed months ago. So all your votes are dust.

  • Ryan B.

    The moment Manila Luzon was eliminated, after turning it out consistently, I tuned out. Girl was robbed big time.

    After she left, it was Jujubee or Raven or nothing. I never liked Chad Michaels. Sorry.

  • Xavier

    You don’t speak for everyone, that’s your opinion only, the winner was the best by far, Chad did a great job period. Raven didn’t win for one reason: she is bitchy and sometimes comes accross cocky and kind of nasty with her comments, so it was a personality issue and if she really wants to win she should learn how to close her mouth sometimes and be nicer to ther people

  • prettyliesuglytruth

    Oh Ru, first you team the girls up. Worst idea ever. Then, you crown the wrong girl, but then again you’ve only gotten it right once…Sharon Needles. Raven is SICKENING!

  • Malery

    I am going to join the near chorus – I wanted the winner to be Raven. She looked stunning and her lip sync was oozing with sexuality. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her!

    Admittedly, it was close, Chad was a fierce competitor, but I still favor Raven.

  • Marcos

    Dear Xavier, can someone be more cocky than Chad?
    I don’t think so!

  • Micheal

    Raven might have been robbed in season 2, but certainly not this time around in All-Stars. Raven didn’t really do anything of note this whole season until her standup routine. In fact, I’d say none of the queens this season really did anything of note and were mostly middle of the road (but I think that’s a function of the team format among other thing). Chad had won 3/6 challenges and did extremely well in the final challenge. As a judge who only sees challenges and none of the moments viewers see– that are also victims of editing room fuckery– how could they have not come to a Chad wins conclusion? Chad is consistently great. Nonetheless, the win was predictable and anticlimactic.

    Raven has and always will have capital I-T. Where as I feel Chad is the past and present of drag, I believe Raven is someone who is truly pushing it forward.

    Now don’t get it twisted, Raven is my girl, but I can hardly feel outraged.

  • Cherry Noble

    Raven oozed sexuality… Is Responsitrannity a song for oozing sexuality? All Raven ever does on stage is open her mouth and ooze sexuality. Not sayin’ Chad was any better, I suppsoe my idea that a drag queen should be f***ing dancing is outdated. It seems to be all about who oozes whatever better. Jiggly in her baked potato couture was my kind of performance anyway…

  • july

    after manila left the competition, the show turned out to be just a huge JOKE!

    but i love to see raven or jujubee take the title, too sad they were ROBBED as well, BIGTIME!

  • D

    Ru said that it was not just based on the final challenge, but the queens entire Drag Race performance. I think Chad won because for 3 weeks in a row, she and Shannel won while Juju and Raven were in the bottom. It wouldn’t have made sense (although it would have been shocking) for Raven to win the finale. Chad is more polished and represents the show much better as well. Raven kind of blew it in the interview when the first word out of her mouth was “f*ck”. There wasn’t a huge shock in this finale, but the best woman won, IMO.

  • D

    The other problem with the set up of an “All Stars” format, is every single girl has huge fan following. No matter who was going to be crowned, fan bases of the losing queens would have been screaming “robbed”. Latrice and Manila leaving before Yara and Alexis is a prime example of this. In this type of show, it can be a lose – lose situation.

  • Leco

    I love Raven, she could perfectly have won that, but the sexy cold robotic bitch seems to be her only act.

    I really can’t see why Chad Michaels shouldn’t have won the crown. She’s flawless, she’s fierce, she improved a lot from last season up to now, and her personality stands out.

    Just like everybody else, I’m afraid this whole season was a huge disappointment. I hated the team stuff, which was silly and rather unfair.

    Btw, I was rooting for Alexis Mateo, and although Manila Luzon annoys me out of drag, I recognize that she was the best queen to get the crown.

    I hope season 5 is far better than this.

  • DC

    When did the gays get proper. “F”CK” is in everyone’s vocabulary. D the best woman did not win. Anyone who has had that much work done has been polished enough. Everyone has their special queen, but you need to pick the queen who did the best and Ru did not do that and the judges also believed that Ru made the wrong choice .

    Xavier please name one famous drag queen that is not a bitch or cocky!!!!


  • Play

    I get the fact that many people are fans of Raven, as am I, but Chad is such a professional that you can’t complain about her winning. Not only was she consistently good all season, she has such a great spirit, pulling for all of the other contestants to do well. She gives tips to others, even if it could possibly hurt her own game. Chad is a wonderful queen, so your entire post sounds petty and just silly.

  • Ich

    Did anyone else notice that after the winner was announced Raven got NO SCREEN TIME AT ALL (not even on the dreadful Untucked)? And that she was abruptly sent to the back of the stage whithout us viewers ever seeing her do so? (BTW, who edited this crap?)

  • I find it so funny when people say Chad is such a professional. I always wonder how people would know this? Is it because Chad said it a million times on the show? Is it because Ru and Michelle and Santino told you that? In reality, no one except for the people booking each of these acts KNOWS how truly professional they are. That argument is completely invalid and in reality it’s a lame reason.

  • D

    DC: I probably should have explained myself better.
    Of course, the entire cast was saying the f bomb, through out the entire series … HOWEVER, the challenge was an Entertainment interview. In that setting dropped the f word was inappropriate, at best. I’ve never heard RuPaul curse during any interview, and if the All Star was to be a representative of the show/Ru, that could have been a downside to Raven.
    I hope this clears up my statement.

    PS: I still think the best woman won. 3 / 6 challenges won, as opposed to 3 /6 bottom two.

  • Fredy

    I’m glad Chad won, he’s truly graceful in everything that he does and deserved that win.

    Raven is just a bitter, annoying, wannabe Sharon Needles and it’s stupid that he thought he would win. I got to meet him at the Season 4 Reunion and I wasn’t impressed at all with who he was, shit Michelle Visage and I had a better conversation than I did with Raven. He has a lot of growing up to do.

  • @Fredy – Um Were you even watching the same show we were. Chad Michaels was the MOST bitter about not winning. First episode talking about how Sharon owed her 100k. Then in the 5th episode talking about how SHE should have won because she would’ve been the best ever. And then in the final episode too talking about how she shouldve won. Like are you on glue?

    Raven may be MANY thing, but a bitter annoying wanna Sharon Needles she is not.

  • Disappointed

    Raven should have won. Of the four that were in the finale, Raven has the most talent, most creative with her makeup and wardrobe, and the most versatile. Chad is a one trick pony. She doesn’t switch up her looks. Might be a different outfit, but always along the same “classy” theme. That’s fine, but shows no versatility.

    Maybe Ru just felt she had to give it to Chad because of her age and she doesn’t have many more opportunities ahead of her. Her true personality seemed to be more prevalent this time. Before she didn’t seem to have as many negative things to say or seem as mean. She was a lot nicr. Guess she could show her true colors because there was no “Miss Congeniality” up for grabs.

    Also, looks like she needs the money for more plastic surgery. Without makeup her face is literally falling apart from the bad surgeries she had in the past.

    I do agree that hated the teams. Really stupid concept. Final four should have been Manila, Raven, Jujube and Chad. Mimi shouldn’t have even been a part of the regular show much less the AllStars.

  • Final Four should’ve been Manila Raven Juju and NINA Actually.

  • Lulu

    Flipping through channels, I see a crazy woman on a runway. Strange makeup and hair, African jewelry, a multicolored skirt and booties. I had to keep watching. Turns out, it was a man. Raja is the reason I started watching RuPaul’s Drag Race.

    Raja, Manila and Raven are the most creative and deserving to win anything. I love Latrice but she didn’t try sometimes. JuJu is another sweetie, a fan fave. Milan was the most annoying and didn’t listen to the challenges. Jiggly just shouldn’t have been there. I thought Dida looked like a real woman you’d meet at the mall, unfortunately they weren’t looking for that. Tatiana relied on looks. Willam was a competitor and very creative, just not a favorite of mine. Lashauwn Beyond went home too soon; I wanted to see more! She has the talent to be a fashion designer.

    All Stars was created for Ru to give Chad a win. Chad showed a cold attitude this time and had nothing new to offer. Boring. I felt so sad about Pandora Boxx; she just gave up. For those angry about Tyra winning over Raven – she was talented, but I’m sure Ru gave her the win because she had a son and needed the cash.

    I am really hating Santino and Michelle Cleavage. I hope to see season one online some time. I need to know more about Tammie Brown!

  • Adam

    Season 1 is available on Amazon Instant Video 🙂

  • JAVI

    The biggest upset for me was Manila Luzon’s elimination..i was in shock for days hahaha…then my fav was Raven and got robbed again…:/

  • Kuksenkov

    The writter seems not only bitter, but that he has real hate against Chad, not only on the article, but look at the comments he made here… Wow…

    Just go straight to it “I HATE CHAD MICHAELS”

    When it comes to the winner, well Raven’s last outfit was pure garbage, he looked like Milan.. which is not a good thing, he has just one act it seems, the one he played at season 2. His lipsync was out of place AND nobody takes in account that in episode 4, Alexis had poor air time on that lipsync and much less Yara, it was all about Raven.

    We all knew Chad was going to win, we all know Ru doesn’t like Manila (his lipsync vs Juju was like 40 seconds long).

    Don’t be bitter.

  • Aaron

    I didn’t root for Chad. I really liked Juju ever since the first season, liked Raven too, but most importantly I had a secret crush on Shanel — She was beautiful. No one seems to acknowledge this but she. was. beautiful. Exotic, and stunning. Some say that she was demanding and talks too much but I see not only wrong things from that — It means that perhaps, she just takes things too seriously. And that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

    Anyways, at the end of season 4, and again at the end of ALL STAR, I knew the winner (and runner up) would be Chad. You may not like Christina Aguilera’s songs, but her voice technique is undeniable. Just like it feels wrong to ignore one’s creativity in art, it also feels horribly wrong to ignore the technique and polish that a well-trained artist can put out. As a seasoned reviewer, Tommy you should know this well. Sometimes it’s not an evil scheme to mess with you and you only. Sometimes there’s truth in how things turn out, you just need to try to look at it from the angle of other people.

    And please just speak for yourself, or represent only those that you know. Even if I voted for others (personal favourite) on facebook, doesn’t mean that I do not recognize the talent of someone else. Please don’t make it sound like we’re all a bunch of bitter queens who refuse to acknowledge a sight other than our own.

  • Yaz

    Am i the only one who cannot stand chad michaels? She comes off as very arrogant.

    She was just about bearable in season four but when i started watching All stars, the amount of times i said aloud BITCH PLEASEEEEE!!! First bitter about losing. Get over it girl, it didnt happen. Then she gets teamed up with Shannel who i adored up until she teamed with miss michaels. The whole necks on the chopping block thing, i mean wat the fuck??? When raven says to her in untucked that she didnt get it, she starts saying editorial pictures are meant to be misunderstood bla bla bla. Girl you and your bum chum got cocky. Should have just done what you were asked and thats it! And its just sooo dramatic with chad, thd hunger games reference, i rolled my eyes. You can tell it was just for the camera. I loved all the queens on allstars apart from mimi, because i feel as though there could have been a better queen than mimi to take her place. I didnt like shannel or chad because i hated their arrogant attitude.

    I really wanted manila to win because this girl is everything a drag queen should be! Funny, camp, glamorous, sexy, she can sing too. Not an arrogant queen like chad.

  • Artur Mendes

    I totally agree with you, for me this season so was created because Chad dont won the S4 and how Rup said Chad wanted to give something to the last season. For me Raven is true champion of S2, Tyra is one of the beasts.