Definitely not the person everyone wanted it to be.

As I sit here and write the review for the finale of RuPaul’s All-Stars Drag Race, I had to take a moment and figure out what angle I was going to take. I could write about how pissed off I was and rage type and make tons of mistakes, but I’ve already done that. I can write about how the fan favorites were ROBBED AGAIN but everyone else has already done that. Instead I am going to write about how absolutely disappointed I, and pretty much everyone else in the world is with tonight’s decision. But let’s recap shall we?

There was no mini challenge this week because the Final 4 had a big main challenge. It was very reminiscent of America’s Next Top Model and the go sees. The queens had to drive around LA and make 3 stops: An interview, to accept an award and finally to do a stand up routine. Before that however, each of the queens had a 1 on 1 with Sheri Oteri to run their routines and get some pointers. All of them had issues so it was hard to tell right away who was in the lead.

During the main challenge, the queens were driven around by former contestants Delta Work and Ongina (Where the hell was SHE for All Stars hmmmm?). The interview was a four person interview and they had to make sure they got their points across without being swallowed up by the other girls. I personally thought Shannel did the best in this challenge, and my poor Jujubee was left in the dust. Next, it was off to Hamburger Mary’s for the dedication of a new burger named after the queens. Raven did the best here hands down. Shannel was meh, Chad started almost crying again and Jujubee ate that burger like it was going out of style! The final bit of the challenge was the stand up in front of a live audience. Jujubee did well, Chad was better. Shannel was meh, and Raven turned it out. Her delivery and timing was everything, and after all of this she was definitely the front runner to win.

On the runway each of the queens just wore what best represented them. Jujubee had a cute dress with train on, Shannel had this cool showgirl outfit on, but I wish she cinched it or something because she had no shape. Raven looked FLAWLESS in hot pants, bustier, sick jacket and PERFECT blonde hair, and Chad walked out in an outfit that wasn’t age appropriate and honestly looked very similar to the giraffe one she wore in Season 4… just a different fabric. Ru had to start knocking some of these bitches off, and it was Shannel and Jujubee that didn’t make it to the top two. It was sad, but I kind of saw it coming.

Raven and Chad were the top two, and if you were paying attention to the All Star Facebook page, there was a poll with Chad vs Raven; Good vs. Evil and Raven took it by THOUSANDS of votes. I started to get really excited. During the lip sync to Ru’s new song, the top two All Stars went head to head. Chad was doing his thing as he always does, watered down Cher arm flicks, bouncing around whatever. Raven’s lip sync was on point. She gave you levels standing, on the ground, seductive sexy very Raven. In my HEART I knew she was going to win, but in my head and my gut… All Stars was going to Chad Michaels. And I was right. Last season when Sharon Needles won, my living room erupted (there’s a video on youtube somewhere with it). After Chad Michaels was declared the winner, no one really said anything. We kind of all sat there just looking at the screen. No one was tweeting or saying anything. It was a very surreal moment because we didn’t. give. a. shit.

I have made it very clear where I stand with Chad Michaels in these reviews and ones from last season. I also have made it very clear that I believe All Stars was created so that Ru can give Chad Michaels (who she has known for years) a win. I’m not very surprised by how this all turned out, but I will say that RuPaul’s Drag Race might lose lots of fans after this. I don’t understand why they asked the fans to vote if they weren’t going to take into account what the public wanted. I keep a very close eye on the FB posts and tweet and RT’s, and Chad was never anywhere near the top. Hell even in a head to head with Raven, Chad was thousands of votes away.

Listen, RuPaul picks who RuPaul wants to win for whatever reason. I feel that she had to pick Sharon last season because the fan votes were OVERWHELMING and if she didn’t there would have big major backlash. I fear that it is coming for this, maybe not as much but it will be coming. Am I going to boycott the show? Probably not, it’s still one of the best shows on television, but I have lost a little bit of respect for the people who make the decisions. Why ask us, the fans, who we want to win if you’re not going to pick the person we clearly have voted for?

I also want to give a MAJOR shout out to Shannel. I have been a bit hard on her in my reviews and tonight she changed my perception of her quite a bit. During the Untucked, Shannel showed us a very vulnerable side when she said that she knew she wasn’t going to win. She wanted to, she would’ve LOVED to, but she knew that she wasn’t going to. I feel like that was such a humble thing to say and I applaud her for that. I don’t mean by any means that she isn’t good, just that sometimes you gotta face reality and you know you’re not going to get something you really want. It’s very grown up. Also, she revealed something very personal about her love for her mother. It was a very touching moment in the shows history. So kudos.

So that’s my All Stars review. Was it a good season? Not really, they kinda mucked it up. If they do another one it better be different. Maybe villains? Or the LOST stars (but who would watch that REALLY?). I will be back in January when Season 5 starts up as usual. I will also be getting SUPER drunk with Raven when I go see her in January in LA.

I want to take a moment and write directly to her. Whether or not she reads this I don’t know, but I really want to tell you (Raven) CONGRATULATIONS!!! Even though RuPaul didn’t think you were worthy for the Drag Race Hall of Fame, just know that you are TRULY in the fans Hall of Fame. You are our ALL STAR!

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