After last week’s ridiculous challenges, Episode 4 was a breath of fresh air.

Going back into the workroom this week the queens discussed the Bottom 2 again and how team Rujubee felt. Needless to say they were not featuring it for obvious reasons, and the teams were surprised that Yarlexis was still in the running.

I’m going to take a moment before I start reviewing the episode because I think team Yarlexis needs to be defended a bit. Who cares if they can’t speak Wnglish well, and I’m sorry I don’t think Yara was carrying Alexis through the challenges. I personally think the pair has been doing very well, and they are very well matched. And correct me if I am wrong but I believe that they have actually won the most challenges, and tonight was no different.

The mini challenge this week was about READING, but with a twist. Each team had to come up with a cheer about reading the other teams. It was team YARLEXIS that won and it was with the simple read of: Knock Knock. Who’s there? SHANNEL…Shannel who?…EXACTLY!


It was with that FLAWLESS read that the Puerto Ricans won the mini challenge. It was so funny…and totally true. Sidenote – How BUSTED did Shannel look in her cheerleader drag? Remember this?

After the mini challenge it was revealed that the teams would be doing girl groups but with a twist. AND WHAT A TWIST! Joining the already formed duos would be the famous daughter of a celebrity. The famous spawn were

  • Kelly Osbourne (Daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne)
  • Jillian Hervey (daughter of Vanessa Williams…FLAWLESS)
  • Kady Z (Daughter of Pia Zadora)

Each team picked one of RuPaul’s songs and each of the daughters were attached to a song. Team Yarlexis picked “COVERGIRL” with KELLY OSBOURNE. RUJUBEE picked “JEALOUS OF MY BOOGIE” with KADY Z, that left SHAD with “GLAMAZON” and JILLIAN HERVEY. They had to pick a group name, a look and sort it out with choreography. This is where Drag Race gets me a bit annoyed but I get it, Ru even said it a couple times. None of the queens are really trained in dance or choreography which to me is a bit silly. I think that if you’re going to be like a DRAG SUPERSTAR you better know how to do a little choreo, but it’s television and big personalities are more important than a two step.

During the rehearsals we saw dragzilla Shannel come out in full force. Do this over there during this part of the song then I’ll go around and you go through my legs…ENOUGH GIRL! One thing that struck me was that their celebrity daughter Jillian was a dancer, why didn’t they let her choreograph? Silly silly Shad. Kelly and Yarlexis seemed to hit it off perfectly and in my opinion were one of the stronger groups for sure. When we got to Rujubee and Kady Z, it started to get annoying because Kady was starting to be a bit of a diva. She didn’t want drag makeup, she didn’t want drag hair…why was she in a drag competition. In my opinion she completely cost Rujubee the win tonight.

Where Kady messed up with Rujubee, Jillian completely saved Shad. She was the STAR of that group. Flawless everything. Makeup, hair, legs, outfit and she can DANCE! The other two weren’t so great. I wasn’t feeling Shannel’s outfit (wear a corset underneath the belt, you’ll get the cinch you need), and Chad’s look was a bit too tacky for me. But the judges loved them and once again team Shad was declared the winner (They can thank Jillian…trust)

In the bottom two were Yarlexis and Rujubee. Raven was going to lip sync for the team, as well as Alexis. I’m not going to lie, I was a bit concerned for Raven because Alexis can move, but in a shocking turn of events Yara Sofia hit the buzzer and tagged out Alexis. Not sure if that was the best thing to do but there you have it. It was a tough call but Raven took it for team Rujubee tonight, and Yarlexis was sent home. It was actually really sad and realized that I kind of don’t like All Star episodes HAHA. All your favorites are on it, so they have to get eliminated and it’s extra sad.

So next week is NOT the finale, but I do know the theme. AND IT IS GOING TO BE AMAZING…think of what I LOVE and you’ll know what the theme is. Also I believe the queens will be judged separately, and if not I’m putting my money on RUJUBEE being the final two. I personally think they are the best TEAM, neither one is carrying the other, they both have their own style but they both compliment each other.

PS: How cute was Chris (Jujubee’s boyfriend) in the Untucked. Not gonna lie…totally cried!

PPS: When Shannel and Chad win how DRAMATIC are they. Seriously get off the floor lol.

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