First of all let me say sorry for my lack of review last week. I was drunk with Team RUJUBEE in Seattle. Like really drunk. Like we were all blind by the end of the night drunk. Oy vey, but I’m back this week in full force and ready to spill the T.

I want to start off my saying that tonight’s episode was really weird. Yes it was funny because who doesn’t love seeing Shannel walk on all four and bark like a dog, but to me I don’t understand what this had to do with being a drag queen. I also have some insider information that I will divulge later, but overall this entire episode was very fishy…and not in a good way.

Back in the work room after the last elimination of team Brown Flowers (NOT CUTE! I pegged Nina to be a finalist, she is the fiercest from that show EVER) we learned of the next mini challenge; taking butch queen realness photos. Sure…why not? They’ve done pretty much everything else they could why not just take some weird man photos. Yarlexis took this and I don’t even remember what their prize was? (Was there a prize?)

So for the main challenge, the teams had to “prank” people on the street. One queen would be giving instructions through an earpiece to the other, and vice versa. They would have to rack up the most points and then the winner will be chosen. I mean it was weird. Did I laugh…sure I thought it was hilarious when Juju got that guy to spray whip cream in his pants, or Manila got that girl to crack and egg on her head, or when Yara barked like a dog, but what does that have to do with being a Drag hall of famer. I’m almost 100% sure RuPaul has never done anything like that. Either way it was strange. Also I knew who was going to win the challenge before they even got the judging. Did anyone else notice how team Shad were REALLY featured tonight? I mean they pretty much got everyone to do everything they wanted? Smells trouty don’t it?

On the runway the theme was Bad Girl realness. This is where it gets a bit shady. I have heard that the theme for this runway was changed last minute to accommodate certain contestants. Which again is also very obvious. I have said it once and I’ll say it again, RuPaul will pick who RuPaul wants. I found is odd that team Shad just won like that, no judging, no review of the tapes nothing just hey you win! You got the most points!

Fine, I’ll give them that. However, according those terms the team with the lowest amount of points should automatically be in the bottom. Well if you were listening closely during the Untucked, team Yarlexis actually had the lowest amount of points but they were safe. In the famous words of Latrice…THE SHADE OF IT! I don’t know, maybe I’m partial to Rujubee and Latrila more so than Yarlexis. Maybe I felt bad that Michelle Visage came at Latrice like that for her makeup, um she looked great. Either way, I’m not Ru so I don’t get to make the call but the decision was not a fair one.

Rujubee and Latrila were in the bottom two and had to lip sync to “Nasty” by Janet Jackson. Now as much as I love my Manila theatrics, Jujubee had this one in the bag. I wish Manila didn’t mess up her costume because it was fierce, and by the end she looked a bit messy. Ugh I don’t care I REALLY hated this bottom two because I also pegged Manila and Jujubee to be in the top as well.

Jujubee won the lip sync and Latrice and Manila were sent home. In the exit interview Latrice said she was pissed. Yes hunty we all are, and Manila said she guesses that Ru doesn’t like them. Well who cares about that. We all love you…now and forevah!

BTW did you SEE Manila SNATCH her photo and knock off Jujubee’s…CLASSIC!

Sorry if this review was a bit darker than most, I guess the TV Magic just didn’t work for me on this one. Plus I’m not down with the decisions at all. Bleh. Follow me on twitter and let’s bitch about it @TommyD

PS – Manila is coming to Vancouver November 23rd. We rescheduled her date, so make sure you come out and show her some real ALL STAR LOVE!

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