And we’re back!  Sorry for the absence last week, I was still recovering from Vancouver Pride (which was, as usual, amazing) so writing a recap was a little out of the question.  Last week’s episode was good, but not as good as last night’s…

This week, the three contestants vying for the title of Top Draguate, were none other than RuPaul’s three sisters, Rozy, Renae and Renetta.  Given that Ru is… well, Ru, you’d think that his sisters would have some of the same spicy attitude that makes him tick, but they actually needed a little coaxing to break out of their shells.  Rozy, the youngest of the three sisters at 48, just wanted to be the glamorous little sister.  She was conservative, but still had a sexy little diva hiding inside.  She brought the attitude and the confidence and her personality most resembled that of her famous older brother.  Renae, the first oldest sister, hadn’t felt pretty in a long time, which was strange because she was known as the glamorous, sex-kitten one when she was younger.  As a kindergarten teacher, she was quite a bit more reserved and a little stiff.  And finally Renetta, the second eldest sister and twin to sister Renae, seemed to need the most breaking of her shell.  She always puts others before her and worries for everyone.  Aside from that though, she was looking forward to putting herself first, but she made it clear that she didn’t want to do any ‘ho’ing.’

Rozy gets paired with Raven (a perfect match since Rozy ended up being a bit of a diva and Raven is just a bitch – said lovingly) and after being Dragulated gets transformed into Bianca Dinkins.  Renae, paired with Shannel, turns into Cupcake, which ends up being kind of a fitting name for her personality and later her evening gown.  Renetta gets paired with JuJubee and the Dragulator dubs her Starbooty.  Typically, when the Dragulator pops out the drag alter-ego, it comes with a complete look, hair, makeup and dress.  But Ru had a surprise in-store for all sisters.  He gave them each a ‘special dress’ (aka – homegirl went to the evening gown section at Goodwill) from his closet that he felt suited each sister better than what the Dragulator had suggested.  Each sister was given the option to choose the dress and make it their own or continue using what the Dragulator picked out.  Rozy and Renae chose Ru’s dresses, but Renetta kept the one that the Dragulator suggested (something that would bite her in the ass during grading).

At Draguation, the ladies revealed their looks and wowed their friends and family.  I was most surprised at how much each of the sisters looked like Ru.  It makes sense since Ru puts on a face and looks like a woman, but I was still shocked, especially when Renae (Cupcake) walked on stage.  She looked AMAZING, seriously a spitting image of Ru, gorgeous.  Renatta was the most changed, almost unrecognizable.  She and Ru have the same smile and at one point she was asked to say ‘You Betta Work!’ and said it so similarly to Ru it was creepy.

For the performance part of the competition, the sisters did Sister Sledge’s ‘We Are Family,’ a fitting choice given the situation (and also one of my favorite songs).  The performance wasn’t the best, but at least I learned a new ‘tranny two-step’ that will be practiced for my next drag-outting.  Rozy worked the stage and Renetta did fairly well, but Renae was told by Professor Lady Bunny that she looked like she was ‘out of a fairy tell, but danced like she was Shrek.’  Lady Bunny gave her a ‘D’ for disappointment.  Bitter queen.  Luckily, visiting Professor Kelly Osbourne was there to save her with an ‘A.’  (Editor’s note: Kelly looks so good.  I need to get on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ if I can look like that.)  In the end, Renae ‘Cupcake’ Charles, won the competition with a DPA (Drag Point Average) of 3.05.  One of the lower scores of the season, but still good none-the-less.

The family aspect is what I loved about this episode.  You could see how all the siblings had learned from each other through the years and even though they were all competing, it was all in fun and they supported each other.

Favorite quote of the night: (Ru talks about how Drag is like a reset button, gives you a second chance): ‘Drag is like the morning after pill and honey, I am high as a kite on morning after pills!’

Stay tuned for next week’s episode when plus-sized girls learn how to shake their booties and if you missed this week’s episode you can see it and past episodes on Logo TV.