In the famous words of Drag Race All Star Jujubee I want to start off this review by saying MEEEOW! RuPaul was not havin it tonight hunty! Did you see it? Did you SEE the (not so) shocking double elimination? I have to be honest I totally saw it come because the LSFYL was kind of lamesauce. Who were the bottom two? Well before we get to that let’s spill the T on tonight’s episode or RuPaul’s Drag Race.

I’m really loving the post elimination work room start they are doing this season, it’s really good. After Monica’s elimination everyone was all ears about Vivienne who right away was making some excuses about being in a group with too many loud queens. All T, All Shade, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen girl. She was mainly going after Roxxxy Andrews who I have to say is turning out to be the one to beat this season.

This week’s challenge was all about dance and it got me thinking about how many of these queens actually can’t dance. I’ve seen most of them live and there isn’t much movement on that stage. Aside from Nina Flowers (season 1) and Morgan McMichaels (Season 2) and this years Alyssa Edwards, not many would be strong in this challenge. The mini challenge was all about going down the SoulTrain line. The winners were Coco and Jinkx who got to be team captains (another team challenge, yawwwwn). The teams went like this

  • COCO: Alyssa, Detox, Honey, Roxxxy & Vivenne
  • JINKX: Ivy, Lineysha, Jade & Alaska

COCO AND ALYSSA, listen I got it right away. Coco and Alyssa may not get along but Coco KNOWS that Alyssa is the pro in this challenge. It was very smart to pick her first. The main challenge was a ballet about RuPaul’s life. Each of the teams got some time with two choreographers. SYTYCD alums Travis Wall & Season 1 winner Nick Lazzarini. SIDENOTE – how CUTE is he? AND he gave me a little sass today. YEAAAS! Tweet me Nick (@TommyD)

Back to the main reason we’re all here. In rehearsals we saw who was going to shine (Coco & Alyssa) and who wasn’t (pretty much everyone else) but as I’ve learned you can’t really tell until the final runway so let’s get right to it.

Alaska totally started it off great with the birth of RuPaul, so funny just letting that babydoll drop out of her punani HA! But like I said earlier it was Coco Montrese and Alyssa Edwards as Good Ru vs Evil Ru who STOLE the show, Alyssa was incredible as I knew she would be. The judges thought that Honey and Vivenne were the weakest but I have to tell you I completely forgot Jade was even in the competition, it was so weird. They read Honey for her outfits and while they were similar every week I totally lived for them, but what do I know.

Alyssa was named the winner (totally knew that) and Honey and Vivienne were shockingly (not really) both sent home. They had absolutely no energy during their LSFYL and Ru made them both Sashay away.

So now that the episode is done I want to say something about Coco and Alyssa, I love them so much more when they aren’t fighting about whatever they fight about. They are both good contestants and need to just get over it because they are so much more enjoyable as a duo.

So next week is the most popular episode of every season, SNATCH GAME! All I know so far is that Jinkx Monsoon does LITTLE EDIE and from what I saw in the promos she’s perfect. So let’s see what the rest are gonna do!

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