RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 2 Episode 6: “What The Hell Is Going On Here?”


The title isn’t from a line in the episode, because I’m not going to do my usual write up for this week. Heres the run down.

They have to sing live. Rock and Roll challenge. No one can sing well. Juju chokes. Sahara goes home. Tyra is still a bitch. Pandora ALMOST wins AGAIN. Jessica Wild wins.

Why, oh why, is this season so boring? Can someone answer me that?

I keep thinking back to this time last year when we had the first season, all the queen were originals, they were all SO different. This year they are all the same kind of queen. Fish queens. They all look like real girls, no one is different. No one is daring. No one is inspiring. The level of talent isn’t really there like it was last year. Or maybe they are talented but we just expect so much more from them.


(Guest Judge: Henry Rollins)

There is really only one standout from the pack this year, and the unfortunate thing is that I am pretty such she will not win. That girl is Pandora, for real. The week I knew she was the best was the week she did Carol Channing. They chose Tatianna to win that week who was great as well, but Pandora is just really the best one. There is something that RuPaul said this week, calling Pandora the Susan Lucci of the contest because she always comes in second place. Well Ru, get you and your judges heads out of your ass and make the RIGHT choice for once. The seasons started strong, and it is now losing steam really quickly. This week’s episode was SO boring, I found myself just watching because I have to write about it, and that’s not the reason I want to watch.


(Guest Judge: Terri Nunn from Berlin)

So I’m hoping to GOD that the next couple of weeks gets better. There is also a big rumour that Tyra wins the whole thing, and if that happens Ms Ru, we are all going to be VERY disappointed in you.