My Interview With Roxxxy Andrews

Say what you will about this queen, she was fierce on Season 5 of RuPaul’s Drag Race. I loved her from the second I saw her promo and I will love her until the end of time. Miss Roxxxy Andrews was recently in Vancouver for the hottest Thursday night in town LIBERACE and natually I got to chat with her before she went on stage.

What I will tell you about Roxxxy is that she is incredibly sweet. Sure we had some GREAT sass moments, but she really took the time to spend time with us here and get to know everyone. Hopefully people will let the reality TV drama disappear because Roxxxy is incredible. Check out the interview below!

Homorazzi Chats With Roxxxy Andrews

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  • GZeus

    I just don’t see how you can like her so much. Roxxxy had one – count it – one good moment. And that was when she pulled off her wig to reveal another wig. Otherwise, she has been excessively mean, offering fake apologies and not much else. Her pageant schtick got tired really quick. And how many times did she wear a Kaftan followed by a “reveal” swimsuit on the runway? Tired. Unoriginal. Boring. Predictable. Lets face it she would have gone home if she hadn’t revealed her sob story right before RuPaul was gonna have her sashay away. So you can add Manipulative too.

  • Nath

    completely agree with GZeus. she’s disgusting.
    to the author, you can keep her.

  • bryant

    ewwwww NEXT!

  • Jack

    As a die-hard Jinkx fan, I can say that Roxxxy really doesn’t deserve all the hate she gets. In the immortal words of Miss Needles, “I think Phi Phi was a better bitch than Roxxxy. Roxxxy kinda just told people to go home.” That’s so true, so lay off the hate. I’m not even a giant fan of hers, but it’s a little bit ridiculous guys, come on.

  • RFD

    I liked Roxxy in the beginning and still like somethigns about her. She was mean and bitchy especially towrads Jinkx but I don’t think she should be so hated. People accuse her of being a bully and then sort of bully her. It is overblown. But she needs to grow up and learn and I think she has some after all this. However, look at the makeup in this picture above. I do not like it at all. It looks fake and very draggish. She looks better when she is a bit more natural and less make-up. Some queens do not seem to realize, and Coco come to mind, how they actually look! Especially for a pageant girl they should try to look like a real woman not a drag queen with the make-up. To me this look for Roxxxy is not at all flattering. I do like the hair and outfit though!

  • @RFD She looks DRAGGISH? Um…last time I checked she was a drag queen?

    That is one of the biggest issues I have with RPDR, they are making drag such a small box and want everyone to look like real girls, which is so ridiculous. Fishy queens are a dime a dozen and SO boring!