RuPaul’s Drag Race Season: @RoxxxyAndrews’ Reactions To Last Night’s Episode

I don’t think there has ever been such a huge amount of opinion regarding an episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race as there is about last night’s episode. I’m not going to talk about the show because I already did in my review. What I want to do is post Roxxxy Andrew’s reaction to the episode last night.

Here it is:

ok let me address the issues of last nights episode… ALL TEA ALL SHADE!
just so thats its out there and cause there is no explanation. if u feel like reading this than read. if not then i cant make you.

did i say all the things on last nights episode YES! I am a pageant girl who is NOT new to competition. IT CAN GET VERY UGLY! We were so stressed and i let every little thing bother me and needed to shut the hell up. Im not going to make EXCUSES! the things i said and did WERE on the verge of BULLYING and just plain out HORRIBLE. Jinkx was my BIGGEST competition and scared the SHIT out of ME and it kills me that i would have done her the way i did. NO ONE DESERVES THAT! im NOT looking for sympathy nor anyone to feel bad for me. for the people who know me and have met me know exactly how against that i am and how much i go out of my way for people. i am a true believer of actions speak louder than words. Jinkx is an amazing person inside and out and is the exact opposite of me but JUST AS GOOD BABY! she was someone i never saw as a threat from as close minded as i was back then and ended up my BIGGEST competition! In life we learn a lot of lessons through experiences and i learned so much! we all have growing up to do and make MANY mistakes. some of mine just happen to be on national television. if i lost you as a fan i APOLOGIZE FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! for i would have lost MYSELF as a fan from watching that last night. But i will do whatever it takes to prove to u all that im NOT that person! We all make mistakes.


Am i blaming editing? NO because i had to say those things at some point… BUT, they Can put it anywhere they want in the show. regardless of what episode i actually said it in.
am i ashamed of my actions? ABSOLUTELY!

To some it up before its said again and again … IM NOT asking for everyone to read this and forgive me… but i do want you to know how bad i feel and ashamed i am. un like other queens im being compared to i DO have a heart and my actions were NOTTTT in the right whatsoever!

i love u all and may god help me continue to learn from my mistakes and help me be a better person that what i saw last night.

love u all
Roxxxy Andrews

I am a Roxxxy fan through and through obviously, but even I recognize that she probably shot herself in the foot last night. The thing I respect is that she has taken responsibility and apologized. Yes we all make mistakes, it’s what we do after the defines us.

  • RadaR

    I never liked her anyway….nice letter indeed but there is something about her that seems evil to me. She doesn’t come across as a warm hearted gurl. For me she is the Phi Phi of this season but at least I liked Phi Phi.

  • Belladonna

    The Real TEA is that ever since Sharon Needles ( who is my all time fav next to Queen Ru) won last season all theses so called Beauty Queens cant take it that Drage is know longer just about looking cute but its more about the interesting art you create and who it touches. Point blank Sharon changed the GAME forever & now miss JINKX will be the next Amazing Queen to keep Changing the GAME and Mrs Roxxxy and girls like her just needs to deal with it! #ThatsTheRealTEA

  • Belladonna

    But that was a nice letter good for her & I do mean that.

  • Jacq

    Roxxxy apologized to Jinx after an elimination and was back to being a bitch to her at the next elimination. She learns nothing. I’m over it.

  • abc

    Compare to Phi Phi who never realize how ill-mannered she has treated her fellow contestants, Roxxxy definitely earned my respect by acknowlege her own fault and willing to apologize. That is really something!!!!!~~~Go Roxxxy!!!!!

  • Absurdist

    Link to source, please?

  • Danny

    All I’m getting from Roxxxy is that she’s fake, I’m sorry, but that’s all I’m getting. Yes, I’m glad she’s apologized, but I don’t really think she’s been sincere; this is not the first time she has come after Jinkx and I don’t think it will be the last. I really hope she doesn’t win, isn’t the drag community bullied enough from the outside as to be it from the inside? America’s next drag superstar should know better.

  • Russel

    it’s T, not Tea
    Hasn’t anyone watched Season 3?
    Whether it’s editing or someone just being a third rate cooze, a show like this brings out the real character of a person.

    “we all make mistakes but it’s what we do after that defines us…”
    How about you don’t make mistakes (ie act like a douche?) That’ll define you more so.

    Take comfort in the fact that once this season is over, this performer will slink back into reality tv oblivion and no one will hear from him again.

    I agree, this person is the “evil” one in the season, but I liked Phi Phi more last season

  • John

    Tommy T, how gullible you are. Roxxy apologized if she lost fans. I don’t see an apology to Jinkx Monsoon, whom she bullied.

    It’s so transparent — she’s remorseful that her actions make her look bad.

    Wake up Tommy — wake up!

  • Its Tommy D Actually.

    Roxxxy has apologized to jinkx as well publicly, this was just a bigger post.

    and of course she did it because she’s losing fans. I’m not THAT stupid.

  • Amine from morocco

    Roxxxy andrews i just want to ask you a simple question and please give me a straight answear; … Why are you a horrible horrible horrible person? Hmm Why?

  • Ricky

    Roxy, like most bullies, is insecure and obviously threatened by Jinx’s talent. This apology is so transparently fake. Anyone who buys it is just plain stupid. Roxy is just a mean bitch and she has little chance of winning this show.

  • CalCutta Bitch

    Does anyone know if Jinx has replied to the apology from Roxxxy?

    I also agree, the apology probably has some truth in it, but it’s really more about doing damage control

  • Garkenrat

    It blows me away that this simpleton learned nothing from being bullied herself growing up. She is even worse than Phi Phi was. So caught up and fascinated with her exterior like there is any real substance there. She gets uglier and uglier after every episode airs. She ain’t a pretty boy and she ain’t a compelling drag queen. She’s a run of the mill mean girl and I don’t believe that tired apology for anything. She’s done this several times now. She already dun did had her say! I have to say Alaska has been underrated and robbed of her rightful victory after challenges more than once in this competition. Jinx is great don’t get me wrong but Alaska is the one that deserves the crown! As far as jinx is concerned…a stylist and a makeup artist are all it would take to make Boxxxxy Mandrews sashay away. Anyone can learn to do makeup well and style fierce baby. If that’s your only talent bitch u best not quit your day job. U can’t touch either of those girls u had the balls to call a joke. Nobody wants to watch a drag queen with no heart and soul. No crown for the ” crunchy” now sashay away……

  • JT

    T not Tea get it straight gurlz. All T no Shade

    “You wanna know my T?” – The Lady Chablis, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

    T = Truth

  • Wess

    ” To some it up…” I’ll sum it up for you! Learn proper grammar. I can only assume you made it through ninth grade…

  • Bjorn

    Roxxxy is always apologetic when she gets ‘caught’ never because she is truly sorry for the bad deed. She realizes after being a bully that, “Oh, right this is on the the telly and millions of people will see this, now I need to do damage control”. Roxxxy always tried to undermine ‘anybody’ that had talent and she was super mean to the Queens who would not fight back (Jinxy).

    These bitch mean queens need to learn that Madam Ru is looking for a fierce Queen but not the fierce mean Queen as in Snow White but Fierce in KINDNESS, MAGNANIMOUS ACTS TO ONE ANOTHER, RESPECT, TALENT: Queens that people of all walks of life can look up and respect. These fierce Queens need to have the same leadership qualities such as Nelson Mandela. We look up to people who have been through very difficult and adverse times but come out with a gentle spirit.

    Roxxxy A. does not embody this at all.

  • Lee C

    Glad he wasn’t asking for forgiveness. Funny thing is he just made a big dick of himself acting like a spoilt brat. Clearly the other two were more talented and that riled him. Same boring thing Everytime I’m surprised the ‘pageant girl’ made it as far as he did. Pure luck.
    Final was halarious