Rowan Stocks-Moore Explores “The Darker Side Of Disney” In Art Posters

When I was a kid, Disney movies held a sense of wonder, magic and mystery. They fuelled my imagination yet in each story, made me learn something about life. Now as an adult, Disney movies have taken on a whole new light. There is a definitely a darker side to these fairy tales. It seems as though artist Rowan Stocks-Moore has seen the same dark side as many of us have and has immortalized these images in mock-up posters for the Disney cartoons.

“In recent years I have re-watched some Disney films and noticed a much darker tone than I remembered as a child, (though even as a child who can forget the infamous death scene in Bambi?!),” Stocks-Moore wrote. “I decided I would combine this love of Disney with the darker tones I’d picked up on to create some new poster art that would appeal more to adults than to children, but would still reflect the inherent magical charm of the Disney movies they depict.”

Check out ten of Rowan’s masterpieces below and if you like what you see, you can purchase them on Rowan’s Etsy Site and enjoy them happily ever after.

Sleeping Beauty

Snow White & The Seven Dwarves

The Lion King

Peter Pan


101 Dalmatians

Alice In Wonderland


The Little Mermaid

The Aristocats

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  • Love these. I just bought Bambi.

  • Nathan

    These are GENIUS! I absolutely love them!