One Man’s Amazing Impersonations Of Brad Pitt, Kevin Spacey & More

Some people are very good at celebrity impressions and this guy is definitely one of them. His name is Ross Marquand and in the following video, he nails impressions of Al Pacino, Brad Pitt, Harrison Ford, James Gandolfini, Kevin Spacey, and Matthew McConnaughhey. He is able to really embody these characters physicality as well as their dialect and it’s awesome!

The video itself appears to be some sort of screen test for a film, or just the director of a film showing some of the capabilities of one of his actors. Towards the end of the video, he shows the actor really getting into a place of vulnerability as he delivers a bit of a monologue. At the end of the video is the web address for a crime thriller movie by Sabi Pictures called Down And Dangerous that this actor stars in. The tagline of the movie reads, “A smuggler bleeds like anyone else. He just gets more chances to prove it.” The synopsis reads, “An inventive and resourceful smuggler defends himself against violent rival traffickers, a monstrous and vengeful spree killer, and the DEA agents who want to lock him up – all while falling for a stunningly beautiful woman with a taste for danger.” Sounds interesting!

I’m looking forward to checking out this new movie when it comes out. In the meantime, check out the actor’s incredible talent in celebrity impressions below.

Screen Test: ROSS MARQUAND as Brad Pitt, Matthew

  • KB

    this is awesome

  • Andrew

    Gandolfini was slightly off, but the rest were bang on

  • Julia

    pretty lame.