I’m sure most of you out there have herd the song “Sunloverz vs. Rosette – Fire,” thanks to Universal Canada getting wind of it, loving it, and distributing the song. Well the music video has just been released and she defiantly knows how to kindle a flame. You might remember her from her “Crushed” and “Uh Oh” days back in 2004, now she is back with a new look and fierce determination to stick around this time.

I had the privilege of being on set for the video shoot and I’m glad to see at the hard work has paid off. It was a 17 hour long day for most of us but it was a lot of fun. In the video Rosette is sporting the latest fashion from amazingly talented local Vancouver designer, Mr. Jason Matlo. My personal favorite being the sexy black number with the sparkles under it. The video shoot took place at new local gay hangout on Saturday nights, Five Sixty. It was only fitting since the gay community has embraced her song like any other heart thumping, beat pounding, dance diva anthem. We love a good Diva don’t we?

If you pay attention I make a little cameo as the DJ in the video, DJ CeeBee? I think I’ll pass. We have Three Piece Media to thank for the technical handy work, without these boys spending all of their time over the past few weeks working hard we wouldn’t have had a video. I’m extremely pleased with the results we got considering there was really no budget that went into its making. Rosette is currently an unsigned artist from Vancouver and that meant no big budget video money from a label but we made it work. Here are some behind the scenes shots for everyone, we may have set off the fire alarm at one point…it was just so hot!

Photo by Jonathan Evans

Photo by Jonathan Evans

Photo by Michael Edward Miller

People have already started taking notice of this little fire-cracker and I’m sure that in no time labels will be knocking at her door. Rosette writes/co-writes all of her own music including “Fire,” which is respectable in today’s music scene. Insider info tells me that Rosette is currently working with international DJ/producer Ian Carey on her forthcoming album. I look forward to see what’s next from this girl.

If you love the song it can be purchased on iTunes here.