Roseanne Making A TV Comeback With Vodka

The original Domestic Goddess might be returning to her sitcom roots. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Roseanne Barr is in talks to appear in a few episodes of NBC’s new fall show, “Are You There, Vodka?” The show is based on Chelsea Handler’s best-selling book, which covers her life before she made it as a comedian. “That 70s Show” star Laura Prepon will play a young Handler, while Handler herself will play her older sister, Sloan. Here’s what Chelsea, the show’s creator and executive producer said about Barr’s involvement.

“I’m talking to Roseanne Barr to do some guest episodes as my aunt,” says Chelsea Handler. “She’s interested in doing it, so it should be fun.”

Fingers crossed that this actually happens. Roseanne was initially courted to make a cameo role on the show’s pilot. Chelsea wrote the part of a lesbian prison inmate with the comedian in mind, but it never came to fruition. That role eventually went to “Glee’s” Dot Marie Jones (Coach Bieste).

If Roseanne’s involvement with the show falls through again, her fans can look forward to her television return in another capacity. Barr will appear on her own reality show for Lifetime. If you watched her on “The Oprah Winfrey” show, Roseanne gave a tour of her home in Hawaii on a 40-acre macadamia farm. The reality show will focus on Roseanne’s experience on the farm. Her boyfriend Johnny Argent and son Jake will also appear beside her. Lifetime has ordered 16 half-hour episodes.

I’m optimistically hopeful that negotiations for Roseanne to appear in a few episodes for “Are You There, Vodka” works out. When she was at the top of her game, Roseanne ruled the television landscape with her hit sitcom, “Roseanne“. I personally loved her on that show, and look forward to her potential comedy comeback.