The Real ‘L’ Word star Romi Klinger has been starting quite a few conversations since her debut on the show. Whether it be her multiple romances with women or with men, or her recent self-discovery of music, she’s got people talking. Recently teaming up with music producer Dusty Ray, the two have created some beautiful music. In a shocking revelation on the show’s recent season finale, Romi revealed that her and Dusty had actually gotten married. WHAT?! What a twist.

To declare their love in the public sense, the two worked on a new track and music video titled #LOVE which we are happy to debut for you today. The track is laced with an infectious dance beat and a piano progression I can’t get enough of. The hook is super catchy with Dusty repeating “I’m in love” underneath Romi’s soaring “take me home” hook. I’ve had the track on repeat for the last 20 minutes. I love it.

The two also made musical magic with Romi’s single, Oh La La which was released on August 30. The track is less anthem-y than the aforementioned track, but has a pulsing beat that has DJs going crazy for the track around the world. Check out the music video for #LOVE below as well as a sneak peek of the new music video which should be out soon. Until then, you can buy the track on iTunes now.

Dusty + Romy, “#LOVE” Music Video

Romi Klinger feat. Dusty Ray, “Oh La La” Music Video Sneak Peek