Meet Abercrombie & Fitch’s New Cover Boy Romain Vennat

Who better to represent the All-American jock image Abercrombie & Fitch has been selling to college kids and gays for years? Why naturally, a French model of course. Perhaps, it was conscious decision made by the company since they just recently opened their first brick and mortar store in Paris. Whatever the reason, bravo for their new cover boy. He’s certainly jerk off material if you ask me *wink*.

Romain Vennat is a 20-year-old business school student at Groupe ESC Clermont. Originally hailing from the south of France, he gave up his professional sports career prior for the world of modeling. I’m sure he’s a great athlete, but thankful he decided to take off his shirt and share his sexiness with the rest of the world. Love his first name. It reminds me of romaine lettuce. I’m sure he’s just as refreshing, crispy and tasty as a fresh salad on a warm summer day. YUMMY indeed.

Abercrombie’s new ad campaign snapped by famed photographer Bruce Weber won’t be revealed for some time, but I found a few pics online of him. The following photo shoot was captured by Stephane Gizard for Check out the face and body that will be gracing A&F stores soon across the world.

  • Gogo

    I want to lock him from head to toe ASAP.

  • CT

    those nipples are delicious

  • zurvivor

    absolutely tasty in the eye.

  • Anthony

    Biggest nipples ever