Robyn Previews New Song ‘Honey’ During ‘Girls’

Rejoice!!! It appears new music from Robyn is on the way. Unfortunately, it’s not ready yet but the 37-year-old singer shared a little preview during an episode of Girls.

As the episode of “Full Disclosure” was coming to a close, Lena Dunham’s character watched a film that her ex-boyfriend, Adam, had made about their former relationship. When she was looking at her laptop’s screen, a pretty lengthy sample of “Honey” played. Even at it’s unfinished state, I’m already in love with the track.

Exactly how did this collaboration come about? Robyn explained all via Instagram. Read below to find out and then preview “Honey” afterward.

“After Lena used Dancing On My Own in the first season of Girls, in the most amazing way, i was so happy she asked me if she could put another of my songs in the series. I sent her some music im working on and she picked Honey. It wasnt ready to be released, but i finished this version for her and Girls ?. Thank you @lenadunham for making this tv-show that flips my brain like a burger like 15 times every episode, i love that feeling! And for bringing up all these emotionally complex situations in such a brilliant way, without making excuses. And thank you for asking me to make music for your work. I wouldnt want to miss out on making music for Adams movie for anything. 🙂 #girls”

Robyn ‘Honey’ Preview