This past Friday I was lucky enough to score tickets to the All Hearts Tour with co-headliners Robyn and Kelis and it was so, so good.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, living in LA provides so many opportunities to see amazing music acts.  If you get the chance to visit, or even move down, there is never a shortage of entertainment no matter what your flava.

Ok, so back to Robyn/Kelis.  The night opened up at The Music Box with Dan Black (?), which I missed because LA traffic can be crazy, I’m always late and I have no idea who Dan Black is.  Next on stage was Kelis and she not only rocked it, but is now my inspiration for Halloween.  Homegirl was lookin’ fierce in a Romy & Michelle-esque shiny pink halter-paint outfit and silver beaded Cleopatra-style wig.  Most people know Kelis from her hit songs ‘Milkshake‘ and ‘Bossy,’ but with her new album Flesh Tone, she’s gettin’ the gays attention while still pleasing the straights.  My favorite songs off the album are ‘Acapella,’ ‘4th of July‘ and ‘Scream,’ all of which she performed Friday.  Only complaint was that her mic seemed really low and she already has a deep voice, so it was kind of hard to hear her, other than that – loved her.

And then there was Robyn.  I was first turned on to Robyn about 2 years ago when I was visiting my friend Pat, who lives down here.  Robyn was performing at the Troubadour and was just getting back into the US music scene and I instantly fell in love.  Since then, Robyn has been featured in Snoop’s songs as well as with the group Royksopp.  She is a ball of energy and I would bet her music career will only continue to grow.  Her performance Friday was out of control.  She knows how to command a venue in such a way that within minutes everyone is on their feet and imitating her dance moves.  My friend Trevor and I were making mental notes throughout her performance of moves to use in the club – and while walking down the street.

Robyn performed a few songs off her new album, Body Talk Pt 1, including ‘Dancing on My Own‘ and ‘Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do.’  The later I didn’t really like until I heard it live, but now I love and wish it was easier to say that line in everyday life (outside of my head).  Both were amazing, but the crowd really went wild when she started singing songs off of her previous self-titled album ‘Robyn.’  Favorite song of the night would have to be between ‘Cobrastyle‘ or ‘Who’s That Girl.’  That said ‘Fembot,’ ‘The Girl and the Robot‘ and ‘Dancing on my Own‘ were all pretty effing awesome.  But then she sang ‘Show Me Love‘ as one of her encores and everybody lost their shit.  It. Was. So. Good.

I’ll stop gushing now, but if you’re hurting for some good music, check out both Robyn and Kelis’s new albums (both can be found on iTunes) and if they come to a town near you, CHECK THEM OUT!

Tour dates here.