Robyn Is In A Trance For ‘Honey’ Music Video

About time Miss Carlsson. Robyn has finally decided to debut the accompanying visual for the title track off her eighth studio album, Honey. And it’s exactly what you would’ve expected from the quirky Swedish artist.

Once again, the 39-year-old singer teams up with frequent collaborator Max Vitali. The 40-year-old director has worked on her “Be Mine,” “Hang With Me,” “Indestructible” and “Dancing On My Own” clips. “As with any video, or anything in life at all in fact, it’s all about having great people around. We had amazing, beautiful people that brought amazing, beautiful energy, both in front of and behind the camera, and I hope that comes across,’ Vitali said in a statement.

Robyn wanted the process of making the video to also embody her mantra of bringing people together and communicating in person. She issued an open casting call, posted to Twitter, where she asked for modern and liberated supporters to send in videos of themselves dancing. The music video was filmed in London and stars Robyn and these fans, coming to Clapton/London from the UK, the US, Sweden, France, Norway and Denmark. It is a testament to love, sensuality and the loose feeling during the after-hours of a great party, encapsulating the themes of Robyn’s latest universally-acclaimed LP.

“I was amazed by the warmth and open spirit of the cast. It was lovely to dance with them during the shoot, the energy was so cool. Max and I both wanted this video to feel loose and free and I was just so impressed of how everyone who came to be a part of the shoot just got it and gave it their all,” Robyn added.

Check out the mesmerizing clip for “Honey” below.

Robyn ‘Honey’ Music Video

Max Vitali