Robyn’s ‘Honey’ Album Is Here, What’s Your Favorite Track?

After eight long years, the drought is finally over. Robyn has finally released the followup to her 2010 album Body Talk. Honey is here and it’s already a hit with the critics. It currently holds a score of 88 on Metacritic.

Honey is a bit of a departure from her sparkly electro-pop hook-filled bops. The LP is slower than her past albums. That’s probably due to the psychoanalysis Robyn underwent after the death of her longtime friend and collaborator Christian Falk. It’s emotional, angsty and honest. The 39-year-old Swede broke down each track with Pitchfork. Definitely head over there to learn insight about each carefully-crafted track.

I’ve only listened to the album once so far, but already have some favorites. Not including the previously-released “Missing U” and “Honey,” which I love BTW, I’m a fan of “Between The Lines,” “Baby Forgive Me” and “Ever Again.” Which are your favorite cuts? Cast your vote in our poll below.

Robyn Honey Album