I came across a video of current successful Swedish pop princess Robyn doing a version of Bjork‘s Hyperballad today. She performed the song with a full orchestra at the Polar Music Prize ceremony. Bjork was one of the recipients of the award, and was sitting right in front of Robyn as she sang.

It’s awful. I hate to say that since I love Bjork and Robyn, but Robyn does not have the chops to belt out such a vocal heavy song such as Hyperballad. I felt a little uncomfortable watching the blonde pixie dressed up as the “president of the Philipines”, struggle with the loud high notes. Bjork didn’t seem to happy either. Look at her expression at 1:42, eeps. I’d be a little peeved if I were her too if someone covered a 15 year old song of mine, considering all the great music I’ve been putting out since then.

I had high hopes for this before I heard it. Robyn has some great emotional songs, and it would seem like she could really give a powerful performance of the song, but she doesn’t put any life into it. When I saw Bjork perform this at Sasquatch back in 2007 it was one of the most thrilling live performances I’ve ever seen.

Watching Robyn sing her song, Even Bjork (below) doesn’t look impressed as she watches from the audience…

Maybe I’m just being picky though. Take a listen for yourself: