When artists drop by BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge, I’m always curious to find out which song they’re covering. More often than not, I’m always surprised by their song selection. Robin Thicke definitely caught me off guard with his pick. Who knew he was such a fan of Icona Pop?

The 36-year-old chose the Swedish duo’s “I Love It.” And as the title suggests, I love it. The blue-eyed soul singer transforms the electro-pop dance girl anthem into a retro-sounding soulful track. This guy has rhythm and blues coming out of his pores. It’s sometimes difficult to wrap your head around the fact he’s Alan Thicke’s offspring. For the most part, Robin stays true to the original lyrics with only a slight change with, “I’m from the ’70s and you’re a ’90s chick”.

Check out his wicked stripped-down cover of Icona Pop’s smash below, along with a performance of his humungous hit, “Blurred Lines.”

Robin Thicke ‘I Love It’ Cover Live Lounge Performance

Robin Thicke ‘Blurred Lines’ Live Lounge Performance