Clearly, I need to spend more time enjoying the arts- ballet especially. The second I saw the cover of Vanity Fair Italia this month, I immediately Google’d the cover boy, Roberto Bolle. Turns out the sexy beast is an Italian ballet dancer. Gorgeous and flexible. Definitely two of my criteria for my weekly Man Crush post.

The 37-year-old is currently a principal dancer at the American Ballet Theatre. Born in Casale Monferrato, Italy, he’s the first Italian to hold the prestigious position with the company. If you’re an Olympics fan, you might recognize Bolle from the opening ceremony at the Turin Winter Games back in 2006. Given his handsomeness and dance ability, he’s a favorite by many publications for editorial work including one with supermodel Coco Rocha for US Vogue. His recent shoot for Vanity Fair Italia was shot by photographer Marc Hom. Check out those pictures below, along with many from his career. Hope you enjoy this week’s object of my online affection.

A little ashamed to admit this, but a shirtless guy wearing overalls with one strap down really turns my crank. Must be that hot farmer fantasy of mine 😉

I’d like to see Roberto work out another ‘bar’

Must be nice to manhandle a naked Roberto for the sake of art and get paid for it. Lucky girl.

Loving all those moles on his chest. Let’s play dirty connect the dots.

Giving you major eyes.

So that answers the question. He’s a top. LOL.

Now this is how every hot guy should tie their laces. NICE VIEW.

SPF hotness.

Giving you a dark Black Swan kinda vibe.

Working out a v-neck.

Pointing in all the right directions.

Trying to get a little sun. Ummm, who’s the dude with him. Anyone know?

Hello chiseled abs and tasty nip. The following pictures are from his photo shoot for Vanity Fair Italia. They’re the reason why I chose him as my Man Crush this week.