Robert Pattison is Gay…in Little Ashes.

An upcoming movie starring Robert Pattison as Salvador Dali, cast alongside Javier Beltran (as poet Frederico Garcia Lorca) has Pattison crossing over to the land of gay eroticism, with his first big screen sex scene being with a man.

‘Little Ashes’, a film by Paul Morrison, follows the story of three friends; Dali and Lorca, and Luis Bunuel. The movie illustrates the lives of these exquisite men in their time, and the tumultuous relationships that transpire throughout their lives, with both women, men and each other. Why am I so passionate about this film? Apart from my love of Twilight, which nearly brought me to tears – ask Joel, there’s something about Pattison’s well-hidden emotions that draw me to the characters he’s cast as.

That, and the following quote found on about his adventures of filming man-on-man sex scenes;

“[The hardest part was] trying to do it doggie style…. And it wasn’t even a closed set. There were all these Spanish electricians giggling to themselves,” he says.

That has to be one of my favourite quotes from a straight male actor describing his role playing a gay man. Reason enough for me to see the film.

Pattison can also be found on the cover of the upcoming edition of GQ magazine.

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