Robert Pattinson Scores Major Role, Kristin Stewart Loses One

While Robert Pattinson has started to pick up the pieces after Kristen Stewart’s cheating ways became public, the actress has experienced a string of bad luck with regards to her career. First came word she dropped out of the dramatic film “Cali” co-starring Alex Pettyfer, now she’s lost out on a major role and huge payday. Before we get to that, let’s discuss Pattinson’s career.

The 26-year-old actor recently came out of hiding to promote his upcoming film “Cosmopolis“. Rumor had it, he was laying low at Reese Witherspoon’s summer home. Now that he’s back, people are wondering if he’ll address the situation. His highly-anticipated interview on today’s “Good Morning America” has everyone on the edge of their seats. If he chooses not to answer a cheating-related question, he can always talk about the new role he just landed.

Pattinson will appear in “Queen of the Desert” with Naomi Watts. The biopic is about English writer and explorer Gertrude Bell. Pattinson will play T.E. Lawrence of “Lawrence of Arabia” fame, who with Bell, helped establish the nation states of Jordan and Iraq after WWI. Production is scheduled to begin in the Fall.

Now onto Kristen Stewart’s career. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Universal has decided to drop Stewart from the “Snow White and the Huntsman” sequel. Are they recasting the role? Nope. Instead, they’re going to make the project into a spinoff with Chris Hemsworth’s Huntsman as the focus of the film. Poor Stewart. Reports say the studio is hoping to film the movie sometime next year when Hemsworth is finished with “Thor 2” and other filming commitments.

No reports if Rupert Sanders will be back to direct the film. As you know, it was Sanders who had an affair with Stewart while filming. Back in June, the director told MTV the following about his plans for a sequel:

“I think the corruption of power would be the second one,” he says. “I think we’ve created this very chaste girl who’s got to this position and now she’s in this position of supreme power. … People who get powerful sometimes lose their bearings and abuse that power and that’s kind of an intoxicating theme.”

Obviously, that’s out of the question now. If Universal does decide to hire back Sanders, his wife will definitely be happy with the direction of the movie. She reportedly forbid her cheating husband from directing the sequel if Kristen Stewart was attached. Problem solved.

What do you think of Kristen’s movie woes as of late? Does she deserve to suffer professionally for her personal indiscretions? Would you watch a Snow White sequel without Snow White? Sound off below.

  • Owen

    “I think the corruption of power would be the second one,” he says

    Made me laugh. It’s life mirroring art.

  • Jay

    tbh, I didn’t even know Kristen and Robert were “together”

  • Alexander

    well… no one will miss her on screen… she’s not talented … or good looking… or interesting… so anyway.

  • Justin

    im sick of her getting so much credit as an actress after all those dam twilight movies maybe if she was credible i would feel bad for her but she not that credible. she did a good job in panic room with jodie foster but thats about it. she’s always bella and shes dull never changes it up thank god maybe she’ll go take some acting classes and come back with better film roles now that twilight is done. twilight is annoying and both her and pattison are just im over them.

  • EvChemical

    I like the idea the director was pitching for the sequel. granted, I haven’t seen SWatH yet, but I think they’d be better off to recast Stewart, as no one liked her anyways, even before this ‘affair’.

    Honestly though, I don’t think she shouldn’t have lost the job because of her personal life. What she does when not working shouldn’t matter as long as she’s doing what she does well. She should however be losing jobs because she isn’t good at acting.

  • EvChemical