It’s time for a CW throw down for this week’s Who’d You Rather post. Both of these men have worked on the WB’s most beloved and long-running show (One Tree Hill) and both have budding careers. One thing is also for certain – these boys are HOT! They’ve both got rockin’ bodies and they aren’t afraid to show them off for all of us to see. For that, we are most grateful. So let’s meet these men:

Matt Barr is possibly one of the nicest guys you’ll meet in Hollywood. I know, I worked with him on Hellcats for its one and only season. His southern Texas charm will make you swoon and he’s tall with blonde hair and blue eyes. What more do you need? Currently, Matt has a few projects in post production including the thrilling movie Seven Below which also stars Val Kilmer. You can also except to see Matt in Hatfields & McCoy, a TV series depicting the famous feud in the upcoming year.

Robert Buckley has made quite a name for himself over the last few years starring as Clay on One Tree Hill aka the show that never dies. This tall, dreamy, California native has also been deemed one of Hollywood’s good guys and one it’s hardest workers as well. You may have also seen Robert on the series Lipstick Jungle or the show Fashion House. Robert has stuck pretty close to television his whole career but I would love to see him jump into an action feature film in the next year.

Matt Barr

Robert Buckley

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