Man Crush: Robert Buckley

Apologies for the day late Man Crush. I was in recovery mode yesterday thanks to an amazing time at the Topman Vancouver launch party last night. I’m so glad the British retailer has opened an even bigger space in The Bay here in our fair city. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Speaking of gorgeousness, let’s talk about Robert Buckley, the object of my online love this week. He sorta reminds me of a younger Scott Speedman, don’t you think?

I, like many viewers, fell in lust at first sight when he appeared on Lipstick Jungle (NBC’s poor man’s Sex and the City). He played Kim Raver’s character’s sexy boy toy. Instantly, the 31-year-old actor was typecast as the go-to cougar bait for other actresses, including Heather Locklear in Flirting With Forty. When Lipstick Jungle ended, he landed a regular role for the final three seasons of the CW’s One Tree Hill. Thanks to ABC, Robert is once again invading our living rooms on a weekly basis with his role on 666 Park Avenue. Sadly, I don’t think the show is going to last. I hope his agents are already working on his next gig.

Buckley was born in Claremont, California and attended the University of California, San Diego where he earned an Economics degree. Before he landed his first acting gig, Robert appeared on television as a contestant on The Price is Right. That taste of the limelight convinced him to end his career as an economic consultant and pursue acting on a full-time basis. And for that I am very thankful. Check out the hotness that is Robert Buckley below.

He’s definitely one sharp dressed man in a suit.

He’s even sharper out of a suit. I sat through Lipstick Jungle (an arduous task) just for a glance of his sexy body.

Putting his buff arms to use.

Looked what washed up on shore. I really need to spend more time at the beach.

Buckley reflecting.

Is it me or do his eyebrows look extra bushy here? I wonder if other parts of him are as bushy 😉

I’m in love with that mole underneath his right pec.

I wonder why the stylist made Robert wear that shirt while showing off his underwear. The injustice of it all.

Robert taking a load off.

All smiles while do some promo work.

Donning some glasses to show a more mature side on 666 Park Avenue. He’s one hot nerd.

Sweaty or dry, his abs always pop.

Why so sad Robert?

I wonder if that’s just a flattering shadow or if he’s really packing heat down there. Further investigation is required and I’ll gladly volunteer.

  • Cisco

    YES!!I was thinking about him since I just started watching 666 Park Ave. Good joice!He’s very yummy;)

  • lordy

    love the pic with glasses as well as the bulge (swoon)

  • Chris

    He is very Scott Speedman-esque, although better looking IMO.

  • toby

    OMG!!!!…..i began having sleepless nights since i started watching 666 park ave…be careful what we wish for…its 666…:)

  • toby

    robert buckley!!!you are mine!!!!:)

  • Kathy

    Best pictures ever. I’ve been watching 666 Park Avenue just for Robert Buckley. A friend I work with at DISH first turned me onto the show since she’s a fan of his, and now I’m recording the entire series on my Hopper. It has enough memory that I can save the entire season (or as many episodes as actually air), and re-watch all of Robert’s episodes. And personally, I love the glasses. Let’s hope 666 Park Avenue picks up, and we can continue to enjoy our tormented playwright.

  • Tru

    He totally let himself go on 666 park Avenue. I was like what happened to him.

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