Robbie Rogers Shows His Pitts For Out Magazine

With his movie star good looks, it’s not surprising that Robbie Rogers has become somewhat of a media darling since coming out. Not that many trailblazers in history have been this sizzling hot.

The recently-out professional soccer player sat down for an exclusive interview with OUT magazine for its August issue. Interviewer Matt Breen asks the LA Galaxy player about being in the closet, his new role as an LGBT community spokesperson and his dating situation, specifically hookups. Check out a few quotes and more pics snapped by Matthias Virens-McGrath below.

On His Previous Stance About Being Just A Footballer And Not A Spokesperson

“No, the exact opposite. I want to help people, especially kids who felt the same way I did; it makes me sick to remember the way I felt and to think that…they don’t have a choice of who they are and they feel the same way I used to feel. Now I have this platform that hopefully I can use to reach people in a positive way. This is a learning process for me, but I don’t want to give advice. I’ve just come to terms with myself, so who am I to be giving advice? I love to share my story with these kids and hang out with kids or people or grown men who are struggling, and I’m very happy that God’s given me the courage to try to help in that way.”

On Making Up For Not Hooking Up With Any Guys Prior To Coming Out

“How do I answer this? I’m very conservative, but I have met some good people that I’ve hung out with. In London I dated a guy for a few months. He’s still one of my good friends, but it’s been tough to meet people in West Hollywood.”

On Advice On Potential Suitors

“It bothers me when someone tries to hook me up with a friend — “You’re gay, my friend’s gay, you’re gonna love each other.” It’s like, OK, probably not. It has to happen in an organic way, where someone introduces himself and is genuine and doesn’t want to talk about soccer straight out the gate. When I started dating this guy in London, I just went up to him. I’m sure I’ll meet someone in a random place– the grocery store or wherever.”

For more of Robbie’s interview, head over to OUT Magazine.

  • Belladonna

    I love everything about this man. Lol I love that he wants to be a Face for change and help younger kids because let’s be real most older Gay guys really don’t try to help that much & as a 24 year old I try to help anyone thats Queer & younger then me. I’m buying this & telling my friends about him.

  • Patrick Sean

    Did he happen to mention which grocery store? 🙂