Robbie Rogers Talks Locker Room Culture & More To CBS This Morning

Recently Robbie Rogers made history as the first openly-gay athlete to play in a game from a U.S. pro league. The 26-year-old athlete sat down with Charlie Rose, Gayle King and Norah O’Donnell on CBS This Morning to talk about his coming out, joining the LA Galaxy and the state of gay players in professional sports. When asked if he expects things to change regarding the latter, he said.

“Once athletes figure out that or realize that they won’t be treated any differently, and that they’ll be judged on their performance, just like any athlete, then I think they’ll all feel free to be open with people.”

Rogers also discussed the locker room and how that environment might deter other athletes from coming out.

Gayle King: Robbie we had a sportscaster here who said that the locker room culture is very real. That it’s very intimidating for men. Do you agree with that? Do you think there is something that happens in that locker room that makes it very difficult?

Robbie Rogers: Yes, definitely. I would say playing in England it was even more difficult. The locker room there was brutal. I mean, awesome guys. I wouldn’t say they’re homophobic, I’d say that pack mentality is a bit malicious. But here you know, there’s the banter, there’s the jokes, and sometimes you can hear things that get quite malicious and that’s what kind of scars you and builds that fear.

Check out this entire interview with CBS This Morning below.

Robbie Rogers Talks Coming Out To CBS This Morning

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