The Price Is Right Male Model Winner Is…

Rob Wilson come on down. The 24-year-old Boston, Massachusetts native beat out Clint Brink and Nick Denbeigh to become The Price is Right’s first male model. Personally, I was hoping Denbeigh would garner the most votes from the public, but Wilson is a worthy winner. Especially after checking out his portfolio. Papa needs a cold shower 😉 Wilson will make his first appearance as an official TPIR model on October 15. Hopefully, he’ll be handing out Plinko chips in his underwear. Speaking of which…

Wilson has plenty of pictures without his shirt on and modeling underwear. Praise Jesus. He’s appeared in various print ad campaigns including ones for Andrew Christian, LA Jock, Pistol Pete, International Jock and Dickies. Like fellow Price is Right finalist Denbeigh, Rob appeared in a music video for Toni Braxton. He’s also appeared in bit parts in both movies (The Social Network) and television (Entourage). Get to know Rob Wilson more below before he sashays his assets on the CBS game show. Warning. He’s got more definition that Webster’s dictionary. LOL.

Who were you rooting for? Do you think The Price is Right will men as a regular part of their model stable? Sound off below.

  • Martin

    wow !!

  • Brian

    As both my husband and I have been former TPIR contestants (yes we both lost cars!) it would have been so much more palatable to have lost if they would have had a hunky male model waving to us..;)

  • Arthur

    Rob is defiantly hot. The Price is Right is now set on auto record in my house! I wish when the President has something to say they announce it from other stations and leave TPiR alone. Rob keep those jeans looking good!