Model Behavior: Rob Evans

For those who were worried that I wouldn’t do a Model Behavior post this week due to Round 1 of our 2011 Model Behavior Showdown starting today, they need not worry. I would never deprive you guys of your weekly male model fix. I’m not that cruel 😉

As I was looking through my previous features and compiling them for Round 1, I noticed I was seriously lacking in diversity. I didn’t realized I was on a bit of a rut. My choices ranged from blond jocks to Brazilian hotties with a sprinkling of muscly beefcake thrown in for good measure. Moving forward, I’ll try to be more conscious to include sexpots from all colors of the rainbow. On that note, say hello to Rob Evans.

This 6’3″ British bloke is truly a knockout. Prior to becoming a male model, he boxed for a living. Now he’s making his mark in the fashion industry and people are taking notice. In a world where waif-y and broody models dominate, Rob is turning heads with his masculinity and chiseled physique.

Rob was recently featured in Givenchy’s Spring ads and walked exclusively on the runway for the fashion house. Other brands Evans has worked for include Chrstian Louboutin, Jeremy Scott, Jean Paul Gauthier and Trussard 1911. Evans photo editorial work can be seen in Glamour magazine, l’Officiel Hommes and i-D magazine to name a few. Check out the pictures below to see why the industry loves this rising star.

Rob Evans Model Stats

Height: 6’3″
Waist: 32
Shoe: 9
Hair: black
Eyes: brown

Don’t those lips look incredibly delectable? I could suck and bite on them for hours.

I guess what they say about shoe size isn’t true. He’s a relatively small 9 shoe size for his large 6’3″ frame, but it looks like he’s packing some heavy ammunition down there. I think further investigation is required.

As Andre Leon Talley from ANTM would say… I would hang this in my salon.

Getting a little frisky with a lion’s tail. I don’t judge other people’s fetishes.

Doesn’t he seem very happy with a tiger on his head? I guess I can relate. I’d be grinning from ear to ear too if I had his “tiger” on my head.

My girl Alessandra Ambrosio hanging out with skimpily dressed Rob. On a side note, doesn’t Rob look a bit like Tyson Beckford from this angle?

Boxing definitely does a body good.

How insane is his bone structure? It’s so rugged and chiseled.

I can’t stop looking at his lips. They’re so mesmerizing.

I wonder if his other “head” is equally fur-lined.

I’d worship that body every day of the week if given a chance. I’d swap out those rosary beads for some other beads *wink*.

  • LOVE this man!

  • Jesus this guy is gorge!

  • Charles

    finally you add some color to the mix,
    he’s super hot!

  • Belladonna


  • Arvakur (Rafael Armando Martínez E.)

    “I guess what they say about shoe size isn’t true. He’s a relatively small 9 shoe size for his large 6’3? frame, but it looks like he’s packing some heavy ammunition down there.” –> Look at the lenght of his hands, especially the lenght of his fingers. That’s a better approach to the real size, not the shoes! *grin* =o) BEAUTIFUL piece of African-descent MAN! Great pick, my friend! We want more ethnic and color variety! =oD

  • leyida