Model Behavior: River Viiperi

The past couple of weeks, my featured models have been more on the buff side. This week, I was in the mood for a little spring chicken meat. At 19 turning 20, River Viiperi certainly fits the bill. This 6’1″ stunner is ranked #35 on and one of the industry’s “IT” boys currently ruling the high fashion world. He’s the perfect selection for this week’s Model Behavior feature. River can attribute his gorgeous looks to his Spanish father and Finnish mother, who so happens was a model back in the day. Why do mixed-raced people always look so hot?

In the short time he’s been around, he’s done countless editorials and landed the covers of Winq, Surface, Coitus and Guapo magazines. River has also become a favorite for brands like American Eagle, Bershka, Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein. He’s walked down the runway for the latter numerous times. In his downtime, he writes for his own blog- Never Back Down. There, he discusses common myths often associated with male models and describes his experiences living with his roommates in their model flat. River also likes to play soccer, swim and do martial arts.

For those of you who enjoy my commentary after each picture, they’re back due to your overwhelming positive feedback from last week. Hope you enjoy this week’s awful puns and suggestive comments. Without further ado, I present to you… River Viiperi. Don’t you just love the name? Also, don’t you think he sorta resembles Hayden Christiansen?

River Viiperi Model Stats

Height: 6’1″
Waist: 30
Suit: 38
Shoe: 11
Hair: blonde
Eyes: blue

Take a good look here. It’s going to be the last time you’re going to see him fully clothed 😉 I kid.

His eyes are so pretty.

Ahoy matey. I’d like to open his treasure chest.

Giving a little Mark Wahlberg back in the Funky Bunch days. He looks good sucking on a lollipop.

I often go down a fire escape with my pants down to my knees. How bout you?

Trying to pull off the intellectual look. I like.

I could play connect the dots with all his sexy moles.

With those lips and that tongue…. I’ll leave that to your imagination.

With this tank, he’s dressed for sex.

His shirt may say he likes girls, but his body was made for loving by boys.

As Zoolander would say, he’s ridiculously good-looking.

River working on his fitness.

Hello Sailor. I’d sail with him full-mast 😉

I little nip never hurt anyone. Too bad he didn’t have a rooster on his head instead of this cat, then I could make some cock joke instead of a pussy one.

Goofing around backstage.

Ignoring his hotness for a second, this linked top is so gorgeous.

Working out some serious couture.

Insert “A River Runs Through It” pun here.

  • Alex

    I like your comment so much, I am so glad they are back! 🙂
    He is a really fine man!

  • Londoner

    I would not consider him ‘mixed-race’, as you express in your article. Both people from Spain and Finland belong to the same category of Caucasian, as established by the United Nations. I agree with you on the hotness of inter-race individuals. In this case, however, the mix it is inter-cultural rather than interracial.