Rita Ora Slips Into Silky New Track ‘Cashmere’

After numerous delays, Rita Ora finally drops her long-awaited sophomore album later this week on November 23. Phoenix comes six years after her debut LP, Ora. Just days before its release, the 27-year-old singer shares another countdown single.

Cashmere” arrives on the heels of “Velvet Rope.” It’s a mid-tempo slow jam that finds Rita leaving an article of clothing behind in hopes of another hookup. We’ve all played that game before, right fellas?

“Cashmere, left it lying by your bed / It’s the colour red, how could I forget? / Cashmere (cashmere), last night we made such a mess / I knew when I left I’d see you again,” Ora sings on the chorus. Give it a spin below.

Rita Ora ‘Cashmere’