Teens “Rise Against” Bullying In Powerful “Make It Stop” Music Video

If you haven’t seen this video yet, watch it now. Rise Against and the It Gets Better Project have collaborated with the release of Rise Against’s new single, “Make It Stop (September’s Children)” from their album Endgame, which debuted at number 2 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums Chart. The message in the song is so powerful and works with the message of It Gets Better that it is a perfect match.

Rise Against lead-singer Tim McIlrath felt that the bullying suicides really hadn’t been addressed in the rock scene. “A number of events were the catalyst for the creation of Make It Stop, everything from the suicides in September 2010, to our own fans voicing their fears and insecurities from time to time,” says McIlrath. “I decided to create the song as a response, and when I discovered the It Gets Better campaign and [It Gets Better Project co-founder] Dan Savage’s commitment to such an important and concise message, I was moved. I immediately felt that if our song is the road, then the It Gets Better campaign is the destination. I hope the synergy between the two can reach people and make a difference.”

The video has the band performing in a school gymnasium, cutting to scenes that follow three different students that are encountering bullying at school. As their story unfolds, we see them each at the end of their day about to take their own life. If my eyes hadn’t started watering at this point with such heartbreaking visuals to such powerful lyrics, they certainly did when real “It Gets Better” clips came in. These stories save their lives. We then catch glimpses of what each of their lives turn out to be after each of their lives “get better”. Amazing.

“Tim McIlrath has written a powerful song,” It Gets Better Project co-founder Dan Savage said. “With the release of ‘Make It Stop’ and the accompanying video, Rise Against is sending the message to its fan base that the bullying and harassment of LGBT teens needs to stop and that suicide isn’t a solution.”

Watch the video below and pass it on!