The full album won’t be out in North America until November 21, but today, I am fortunate enough to treat you to a preview of Rihanna’s upcoming album, Talk That Talk. This album sampler only gives us a taste of what to expect from the songstress but from what I’ve read from press who have already heard the whole album, they all have one resounding review… it’s DIRTY. VH1 even said that it was possibly the dirtiest pop album since Madonna’s Erotica. Check out the track list below.

  • 1. You Da One
  • 2. Where Have You Been
  • 3. We Found Love
  • 4. Talk That Talk (feat. Jay Z)
  • 5. Cockiness (Love It)
  • 6. Birthday Cake
  • 7. We All Want Love
  • 8. Drunk on Love
  • 9. Roc Me Out
  • 10. Watch n’ Learn
  • 11. Farewell

Some of the lyrics will make even the naughtiest homo blush. (Yes Adam, I’m “talk-that-talking” to you.) I’m sure that has many thanks to album’s co-writer, Ester Dean. Already, I can tell that my favorite tracks will be Where Have You Been which Calvin Harris also produced as well as Birthday Cake and Roc Me Out. In other exciting Rihanna news, she will be premiering the track You Da One on radio tomorrow! Get your ears ready for that. Until then, listen to the album sampler below.

Rihanna – “Talk That Talk” Album Preview

So, what do you think of Talk That Talk? Many critics are saying it’s Rihanna’s best album yet and others are saying it’s also her most cohesive project. Tell us what you think of the new album below.