Rihanna Reveals Her Kinky Side In “S&M”

When I first heard a snippet of this track from Rihanna’s “Loud” CD preview, I was immediately hooked. Well, the internet gods must’ve heard my prayers, because the song in its entirety was leaked shortly thereafter. Me thinks it was leaked intentionally as its rumored to be the third single from the album.

“S&M” is a Stargate-produced track and co-written by Ester Dean. With that sort of pedigree behind it, “S&M” has Top 10 smash hit written all over it. The song sounds like an electro-pop version of “Disturbia” with a pinch of “Sexy Bitch” added for fun. Rihanna’s lyrics are a tad frisky and saucy. She sings about various sexual acts that involve whips, chains and all that fun stuff. My, oh my, aren’t we a “Rude Girl”. Here’s a few lines from the sexy track:

“I know I’m bad but I’m so good at it” and “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but whips and chains excite me.”

If it is indeed the third single, I can already imagine the video. Rihanna with a bunch of scantily dressed or should I say undressed men in black leather. Of course, a few hot dance moves thrown in for the gays and little girls to mimic with their friends.


What did you think of the track? Isn’t it even better than the 30-second peek from her “Loud” preview? Given the quality of her songs on this album, “Loud” has the potential to be her biggest yet. Post your thoughts and comments below.

  • Nicholas

    I’m a fan.

  • joe lethbridge

    This stinks of media hype . AFter all the media about chris brown beating her ;she has the balls to come out singing about S.M and whips and chains. I am sure womens groups and abused woman shelters and victims are outraged. What a twat rihanna has turned out to be . a role model ? poor girls who look up to emulate her. pity the parents who buy this crud for them

  • Vina

    I never looked up to celebrities. I lived by my parents guidelines and when I didn’t I was disciplined accordingly. There was no one to blame for my actions except me. Rihanna’s an entertainer not a mentor. I applaud her for expressing her self the way she wants and not the way battered women organizations want her to.

  • Jakabov

    God damn it, if you can’t see the difference between s&m and abuse, how do you even know how to operate your computer, Joe?