Rihanna‘s new music video was supposed to premiere tonight on MTV and later on AOL, but due to a leak, it was released earlier than planned. “Only Girl (In The World)” was shot by regular Ri-Ri collaborator Anthony Mandler. The entire shoot took place just a few hours outside of Los Angeles. With the rosy hue of the video, you would’ve never guessed. It’s a beautifully shot video. A perfect match for an equally beautiful singer and hot dance track.

Some people abhor Rihanna’s new fiery red locks, but I love it. I think it even inspired the coloring of the shoot. She looks radiantly stunning and more importantly… happy in the video. The shots of her dancing freely by herself, put a smile to my face. It’s official, my peppy little Barbadian girl is back… making addictive fluffy music. No more depressing “Rated R” material.

“It’s really, really beautifully shot in these crazy, crazy, crazy places… We shot landscapes that we found a couple hours outside of L.A. It looks so unreal. It looks fake, like something out of a postcard with the beautiful hills… We had a lot of sunshine those couple of days, so it really worked with the whole essence of the video. But really, the video just shows this big landscape and the only person there is me.”

I love the fact the video only showcases her and not an army of hoochie-fied backup dancers. It’s just her with copious amounts of balloons, flowers, fireworks and incredible outfits. In fact, she looked like she went straight from her MTV VMA performance to the video shoot. She sports the exact same outfit during a segment of the music video. Now the white tutu and combat boots all make sense.