Justin Bieber No Longer Top Dog On YouTube

First he loses Selena Gomez and now this. The Biebs certainly isn’t having a banner year. The 19-year-old Canadian singer just lost the crown as the most-viewed artist on YouTube. Oh well, at least Justin Bieber still reigns supreme on Twitter. He became the first artist to lure in over 40 million followers. With that being said, there are reports that almost half of his followers are spam and inactive accounts. Poor guy. Find out who the new king, or should I say queen, of YouTube is below.

It’s Miss Rated R herself Rihanna. Billboard reports that the Bajan singer’s official VEVO channel of 77 clips has generated a total of 3.784 billion views. Rihanna surpassing Bieber’s popularity on YouTube is largely due to the size of her subscriber base. Rihanna has 8.73 million subscribers on the platform, 3.7 million more than Bieber’s 4.9 million. The “Diamonds” singer also trumps Bieber on Facebook. She has over 72.3 million fans, while Justin has 54.3 million “likes.”

Are you surprised that Rihanna is the new Alpha Dog on YouTube? Do you think she’ll be able to hold onto her new crown for a while? Sound off below.

  • Marco

    RiRi is a certified hitmaker! while JB is making hits because of teenager girls lusting (eww!) over him!

  • Belladonna

    Oh well my husband Bieber still has more money then her (Bieber over 100million Forbes list ) ( Rihanna over 40million Forbes list ) lol I like RiRi she puts out Amazing Pop & EDM songs & comes out every year so she was going to get it sooner or later. Lol

  • Belladonna

    P.s He is so damn Beautiful OMGGGGGGGGG!!!! Love You JB! His My Favorite male artist & Gaga is my Favorite Female Artist! They love There fans more then any other mainstream artist on Earth! I’m a #LittleMonster & #Beleiber for life!

  • Chris

    ….slow news day?

  • 40400

    This fool needs to pull up his pants and stop acting like a thug; stop hanging around the wrong crowd.

  • anna

    Marco, I am sure Rhianna gets lots of her success from guys lusting after her too. She’s near naked half the time (with no criticism ever, unlike JB).

    Also, a portion of all the top twitter accounts have spam accounts, including Rhianna and the President! Why always single out Bieber for abuse.