Rihanna Premieres “Man Down” Music Video

The fifth single from her “Loud” album, Rihanna has just released the music video for her “Man Down” track. Before I continue, I want to share that as I write this, the smell of reefer is blowing into my apartment from the neighbors balcony below me and it seems like a fitting aroma for this Jamaican video slash song (which also reminds me of my younger years listening to “Santaria” by Sublime). The song has a very similar feel to Santaria, except with a tad of Debbie Downer in my opinion.

Anyway, set in Jamaica, the Anthony Mandler-directed video starts of with a man who has been shot down by Rihanna, as the song implies. We are then taken back to the previous day’s events to see how this tragedy came to be.

Just your average twizzled licorice red head from the village, Rihanna spends the day out in the sun before letting loose on the dance floor at night. When the juiced up creep she’s dancing with takes thing to another level and wants to take her to his California King Bed for some S&M , Rihanna pushes him away. Unfortunately, he doesn’t take no for an answer and Rihanna finds herself a victim of assault once again (thankfully, this time not in real life). To make a long story short, Rihanna is a “Good Girl Gone Bad” and she murders the guy.

Just in case you’re interested in listening to the Santaria song I was talking about, or have never heard it, I’ve included it for you below:

  • Ahmed

    If only she did this ,
    To the asshole in real life

    .. There would’ve been one less broken window
    And less of him , asshole

    Umm the video felt very African , I guess that’s Rihanna’s roots
    And she looked great I wish she would loose the red hair though

  • Karli

    I <3 Her Hair (: