Concert Review: Rihanna Gets Loud

It’s been a gloomy past few days in Vancouver and I was in desperate need of some sunshine. Thankfully Rihanna brought the sunny skies and the heat along with her, and I’m not talking about her bright Kool-aid color hair either. Literally, as the Bajan beauty landed in YVR, the mercury rose and clouds dissipated. RiRi kicked off her two day gig last night at Rogers Arena to a packed house. After reading a few early reviews of her concert, I was stoked. Even with Cee-Lo Green skipping out as an opening act for the Vancouver date, I was excited to see Robyn Rihanna Fenty live.

Technically this was my first time seeing Rihanna in concert. I had previously seen her live during a taping of American Idol, but that really doesn’t count. Instead of seeing her just sing one song, I was in store for two hours of Rihanna strutting it out on stage. Simply put, Rihanna’s Loud Tour was euphoric. Whether she was working out some serious choreography or belting out a ballad, Rihanna gave it her all. Shelling out money to see someone badly lip sync their way through the concert is not my idea of a good time (I’m talking to you Britney Spears). So, I definitely appreciate Rihanna providing live vocals for her fans. Now that’s a true artist.

Rihanna opened the night to “Only Girl (In the World)” and kept the energy up with two of her up-tempo hits “Disturbia” and “Shut Up & Drive”. Throughout the evening, she did an excellent job of keeping things fluid and never letting up on the momentum, even during the slow jams. Speaking of which, she did phenomenally on “Hate That I Love You” – a song originally sung with Ne-Yo. She sounded great as an acoustic guitarist accompanied her and looked gorgeous in her yellow dress.

Obviously the closer to the stage you sat, the better view of Rihanna’s hotness you had. But in an unexpected twist, she went on the floor and ran across the arena to perform a song on the other side, giving her fans there a Close Encounter of the Rihanna kind. Definite highlight for me.

Based on crowd reaction, I would have to say her medley of “Run This Town” / “Live Your Life” and “What’s My Name” were the biggest hits. There were portions of the songs where the crowd drowned her out with the group vocal participation. She ended the amazing night with her ubiquitous hit, “Umbrella”. Definitely fitting since it’s pouring in Vancouver the day after. Perhaps the people watching tonight, will open all their umbrella’s during the encore. That would be amazeballs.

All in all, I had a great night. Rihanna put on a great show and sounded great live. I would highly encourage you to fork over some bills to watch the beautiful and talented singer in person. The highlights for me were “Rude Boy”, “Only Girl (In The World)”, “Hate That I Love You”, “What’s My Name”, and “Unfaithful”. Thank you Rihanna for an unforgettable experience. Te amo.

  • Juju

    I’ll be seeing her next Thursday in Oakland, CA, and I *think* I’m gonna be pissed off that Cee-Lo isn’t going to be there (if he ends up not showing!)! I just got a concert reminder email from ticketmaster and it only said Rihanna with J Cole and NOT Cee Lo! He was one of the main reasons my friend and I decided to pay $125 to see her!!! Wtf! Where’s Cee Lo at?!?!?