Rihanna & Chris Brown’s ‘Nobody’s Business’ Track Leaks

It’s a busy week for Rihanna right now, currently on her 777 tour with tons of press along with her, including our good friend and Homorazzi cast member, Jonny Staub who is there on behalf of The Beat. Prior to departing, she was on Ellen where DeGeneres was talking to her lady parts.

Today, one of her singles from her Unapologetic album has leaked and it’s the duet with Chris Brown called, “Nobody’s Business“. There continues to be a lot of backlash and a lot of criticism for their continued friendship (or maybe even friends with benefits) in addition to the fact they have collaborated once again. Regardless, Rihanna is doing it anyway and essentially feels that it’s “Nobody’s Business,” as the track implies.

I hate to say it, but the song is good and has a bit of a Michael Jackson feel to it. Of course the song didn’t (or doesn’t) have to include Brown to be good, but clearly Rihanna is embracing the controversy and sending out a message. Feel free to listen to it (or not listen to it) below.

Rihanna & Chris Brown – ‘Nobody’s Business’

  • Lukas A James

    I too will be unapologetic…I like it, and does sound MJ like….good on the two them. Like it and listen or don’t …aint no big deal…

  • DouggSeven

    Wow, what a hypocrite she is. If it’s ‘nobody’s busisness’, then why was she playing the boo-hoo card with Oprah & 20/20?

    Remember, he punched her in the face hard enough to cause cuts and bruises. Again, CHRIS BROWN PUNCHED A GIRL IN THE FACE HARD ENOUGH TO CAUSE CUTS AND BRUISES. I’m not even bringing up his various homophobic rants, violent outbursts, and making light of the altercation on various occasions.

  • Lukas A. James

    Nothing from the entertainment world is as it seems…not everyone you see dating is really dating..not everyone who seems like the victim is the real victim….unless it’s caught on tape…then it’s a fact. I do not know for a fact what went down with those two…I wasn’t in the car, I do not know them, I do not judge them. I do not throw stones, cause I live in my own glass house. I heard she embelished the photos with makeup……I heard she gave him an STD and he flipped….yadda yadda yadda….it is not my truth..it is their truth…and as far as hipocrites and back peddlers go….her PR team pushed her through that ordeal….the truth is somewhere underneath….and underneath is no body’s business…nobody’s ….and last…they could live in the past..live their lives for one moment in time…or enjoy this short journey we call life and live while there is life….good on them both…NEXT

  • DouggSeven

    @Lukas A. James

    Yea, except her beat-up face was plastered all over TMZ the next day and Chris Brown has never denied what he did.

    Sometimes, things are that black and white – even in the entertainment industry.

  • DouggSeven

    Oh my – I just listened to it. You guys are right about the MJ connection. I bet there’s a reason why Chris sounds like he’s impersonating another criminal.

    This is creepy PR for sure.

  • Georgio

    Yeah I don’t know what she’s thinking taking him back. I believe in forgiveness but she’s enabling him at this point.

    As for the track, it’s good. This whole album is very urban but still good. Some of my favorite tracks are jump, right now (which is the least urban), numb, fresh off the runway, and power it up.