Rihanna Scores 14th Chart Topper, What’s Your Favorite Rihanna No. 1 Song?

Throughout her career, Rihanna has often been labeled a singles artist. To be fair, it did take her seven tries to finally snag a No. 1 album, despite scoring numerous hit singles.

After a couple of misses leading up to the launch of Anti, I feared Rihanna’s best days might’ve been behind her. The 28-year-old certainly proved all her critics wrong with “Work.” The dancehall-tinged track is her latest to hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Believe it or not, “Work” is her 14th chart-topper. A couple of them are suspect in my opinion because all she does is sing the hook on predominantly rap songs. It seems like cheating to me, but if it’s okay with Billboard, it’s fine with me. Even if you take away her rap collabos, she still has plenty.

With 14 number ones, RiRi passes Michael Jackson to have the third-most Hot 100s of all-time. Only The Beatles and Mariah Carey are ahead of her with 20 and 18 chart-toppers respectively. Watch out Mimi, the Barbados-born singer and her Navy are coming for you next 😉

Check out all her No. 1 hits below. Be sure to scroll all the way to the end of the post to see my ranking of all her hits.

Rihanna’s Billboard No. 1 Songs


I can definitely understand how people find the chorus a tad annoying but I kinda love it. Somehow it all works. It was definitely wise for Rihanna to hook up with Drake for a third time. Whenever she collaborates with the Canadian rapper, magic happens. All three of their singles cracked the Top 10 with two hitting pole position. If she ever finds herself in a rut again, just call on Drizzy to save the day.

Album: Anti
Year: 2016

The Monster

No matter what she releases in future years, I guarantee this will most likely remain my least favorite among her rap collaborations and discography as a whole. There’s just something about it that I don’t connect with. I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking this.

Album: The Marshall Mathers LP 2
Year: 2013


Album: Unapologetic
Year: 2012

Truth be told, when I first ranked her singles, “Diamonds” was one of my least favorites. The “shine bright like a diamond” during the chorus really irritated me. Eventually though, I came around on the Sia-penned track. It was hard not to given it was practically inescapable. From the clubs to the grocery store, it was everywhere.

We Found Love

Album: Talk That Talk
Year: 2011

Love that she collaborated with EDM maestro Calvin Harris on this track. It gave her fans a different sound not previously heard from her before. Pure genius to cast an on-screen boyfriend to resemble her ex, Chris Brown. Nothing drums up sales like a bit of controversy.


Album: Loud
Year: 2011

When Loud album first leaked, “S&M” was one of my instant favorites. Too bad, the video didn’t measure up. It was a bit cliché and blatantly ripped of David LaChapelle’s signature style. Plus it featured Perez Hilton in the video. Can we please send him on a one-way flight to the Bermuda Triangle along with Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton?

What’s My Name

Album: Loud
Year: 2010

OOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGG. Word’s cannot express how much I love this song. Definitely one of my favorites from her discography. The “oh, na, na, na” part is so catchy. I also like the fact she incorporates a reggae vibe to represent her homeland. Keepin’ it real. She and Drake always deliver. “Take Care” is another fantastic collabo.

Only Girl (In The World)

Album: Loud
Year: 2010

At first, I wasn’t a fan of this song. Then I saw a drag queen perform it and instantly I became hooked. How hilarious is that? A lot of people don’t like this video, but I do. I appreciate that fact the clip is all about her looking sexy and happy once again. At long last, her depressing Rated R days were finally behind her.

Love the Way You Lie

Album: Recovery (Eminem album)
Year: 2010

This is one of three tracks that predominantly feature another artist with Rihanna just singing the chorus. Some say it’s not fair she gets credit for these No. 1s. Admit it though, without her vocals on these tracks, they wouldn’t be as powerful. Megan Fox and Dominic Monaghan fighting in the video wouldn’t resonate the same emotional impact.

Rude Boy

Album: Rated R
Year: 2010

IMHO, this is the only gem during her dark and somber Rated R era. Like “What’s My Name“, I love the dancehall vibe of this track. When RiRi shakes those hips, she can give Shakira’s non-lying hips a run for their money.


Album: Good Girl Gone Bad
Year: 2009

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think this was the first time we saw Rihanna go edgy for a video. That risk paid in dividends. She no longer was that R&B chick and became a bonafide pop star. It was her best selling single with over 4.3 million units sold, until “We Found Love” came along with 4.6+ million. Fun fact, I rock the “Disturbia” dance routine on XBox Kinect’s “Dance Central”. No flash cards needed. How ya like me now? LOL.

Live Your Life

Album: Paper Trail (T.I. album)

Here’s the third chart topper with Rihanna, in essence, being just a guest star. Once again, Rihanna’s vocals on the chorus make the song. No offense T.I.

Take A Bow

Album: Good Girl Gone Bad
Year: 2009

Her sole ballad to top Billboard’s Hot 100. Such a beautiful song. That being said, the Seamus Haji dance remix of “Take A Bow” slays. That version is still one of my favorite dance remixes.


Album: Good Girl Gone Bad
Year: 2008

This song was such a huge hit that summer, multiple covers from famous and not-so-famous people kept popping up on YouTube. Mandy Moore’s stripped down version was a favorite, along with Chris Brown’s , “You Can Be My Cinderella” version. Obviously his version didn’t end up happily ever after 😉 The song was a global hit and earned her multiple Grammy nominations. Did you know there was a Rihanna Curse? Several countries blamed the song for their nation’s unusual weather. LOL.


Album: A Girl Like Me
Year: 2006

It was Rihanna’s first ever No. 1. Instead of signaling for help, it signaled the beginning of Rihanna’s domination of the Hot 100. I completely forgot about this song until doing this post. Man, this track brings me back to that summer. I must’ve heard it 1,000 times at the clubs and in my car that year. Good times.

My Ranking

Not going to lie. I absolutely love “What’s My Name“, but feared if I ranked it at the top of my list, I’d start a riot. There’s just something about that track that I just can’t get out of my head. Check out my list below and see if you agree with my order. If you disagree, I’d like to know how you’d rank them.

  • 1. Umbrella
  • 2. What’s My Name
  • 3. Disturbia
  • 4. Diamonds
  • 5. Rude Boy
  • 6. We Found Love
  • 7. Take A Bow
  • 8. Only Girl (In The World)
  • 9. Work
  • 10. Live Your Life
  • 12. S.O.S.
  • 12. S&M
  • 13. Love The Way You Lie
  • 14. The Monster

What Are Your Favorite Rihanna Billboard No. 1 Hit Songs?

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Now that you’ve seen my ranking of Rihanna’s No. 1s, how would you rate them? Post your rankings below.

  • S&M had been out for a quite a while and was being cock blocked from getting the top spot and it wouldn’t have hit #1 if it wasn’t for the Rihmix featuring Britney Spears

  • JMC

    •1. Rude Boy
    •2. Umbrella
    •3. S.O.S
    •4. Only Girl
    •5. We Found Love

    She really has chalked up some great tracks in her short time in music and going over the list there’s ragamuffin (yes that’s what it’s called), pop, RnB, hip hop, dance, it’s an eclectic bunch. Alternatively put a list together of Gaga’s top hits and they’re all very similar. As much as Unapologetic isn’t my favourite record she’s clever to do a record that caters to a different one of her many genre demographics.

  • BritneyLover

    No shame “What’s My Name” is my fav too! You should put it on top of your list. “We Found Love” cannot be separated from its video, I say the vid actually made the hit. Oh and “Diamonds” is major grower, you’ll love it sooner or later!

  • Rebel

    Regarding “Only Girl” – is the Drag Queen, Raja? Cuz I saw her perform it on youtube and loved it lol.

  • jiloca

    Lot of good ones here, but I’m surprised no mention of Run This Town with Jay Z and Kanye West. One of my faves, although it only hit number 2 on the charts.
    Out of the number ones, I am in the minority for hating What’s My Name and Rude Boy, but I’m a huge fan of almost everything else, go figure.

  • doug

    Well if everyone in the industry released a new album every single year since the start of their career then they’d probably have that many #1’s too. Take a break Rihanna.

  • Peter

    i agree with doug. have someone else write your songs and put a new one out every other month and you, too, can have a billion #1s. maybe i’m showing my age (30) but, donovan, no shame in reminiscing about the good old days of full albums with a concept and a message.
    all of that being said, rihanna’s had some good, catchy songs to enjoy in the clubs. a lot of her stuff just isn’t very enduring.

  • Raph

    ^ Doug and Peter said it all

  • Alex

    Instead of concentrating on negative energy, let’s celebrate the accomplishment! Congrats to Rihanna! Love “Diamonds,” especially the “shine bright like a diamond” part. Everyone who complaints about the constant releases: Welcome to the future, exit to twothousandandlate is to the left. Thank you 🙂

  • Jeremy

    I really don’t like Unapologetic and I don’t feel like Diamonds is strong enough to be a single (especially the first one) compared to the rest of her work. I was really happy with the Talk that Talk phase, We Found Love is probably my favourite. Although I always had a soft spot for Disturbia.

  • Homegirl No5

    Honorable mention: Unfaithful.

    Can’t wait to see what Rihanna’s next album will be next year! 🙂

  • justin

    i like rihanna but i still feel she doesnt has the credibility as an artist. she has a unique voice when harassed right makes a track amazing. i actually love when she collaborates some of my favorite songs from her are the collaborations like take care, umbrella, princess of china, run this town, and one of my all time favorite songs love the way you lie. i dont know how many of her hits she wrote or co wrote unlike the other artists on the list.
    i think rihanna has taken advantage of the changing music landscape but its unfortunate for madonna to be in the situation where radio does not play her music at all no matter how good it is.
    the billboard 100 isnt the greatest chart because of how easy it is to manipulate the rankings. radio chooses which songs to play and that impacts the billboard 100 more than streaming or even digital sales. consumers dont tell radio what songs to play its up to the djs. the billboard 100 isnt a consumer oriented chart like it used to be when digital sales were a bigger factor.
    that being all said good job rihanna promote this album then release your greatest hits album and take like a 2 year break have fun relax maybe do a concept album of stuff for the fans and then come back with your signature dancehall music and beats.

  • stefano

    i’m not saying she’s a horrible singer, but she’s one of the most overrated recording artist within the music industry today…..

  • Donny

    Umbrella is basically a perfectly produced, written and performed pop song. It cannot be denied its rightful place at #1.

  • Rob

    Please don’t stop the music didn’t get to one?

  • Trini Rockkstar

    my favorite will have to be take a bow

  • LittleDreamer

    My ranking looks like this:
    1. We Found Love
    2. What’s My Name
    3. The Monster
    4. Take A Bow
    5. Only Girl (In The World)
    6. Disturbia
    7. Diamonds
    8. Umbrella
    9. S&M
    10. Rude Boy
    11. Love The Way You Lie
    12. S.O.S.
    13. Live Your Life

    I think it’s also worth mentioning she has 25 Top10 Singles under her belt and I totally agree with the article that singles have become more important than albums. An album where I just hit play and let the whole thing play out are becoming rare these days.

  • Beam Yompool

    1. We Found Love
    2. Diamonds
    3. Umbrella
    4. Disturbia
    5. Rude Boy
    6. Take A Bow
    7. Love The Way You Live
    8. Only Girl (In The World)
    9. What’s My Name
    10. The Monster
    11. S&M
    12. S.O.S.
    13. Live Your Life

  • belladonnamadon

    Not to be a downer but Taylor Swift Sells Albums. Adele damn sure sells albums. JT Sells Albums. Beyonce (who’s better then her in ever way) sells albums & has more money then GOD! Lol, Gaga up until ARTPOP (witch if she performed on more the one show could have sold more) has always sold albums,songs & tours every year since 2009. One Direction sells albums, Eminem (unfortunately)sells albums lol So yeah selling singles like Katy,Miley, Ke$ha & Nicki still don’t mean much. lol Not Hating Just put things in perspective. Lol

  • LittleDreamer

    All of Rihanna’s albums with the exception of her debut went Platinum, so I wouldn’t really say she ain’t selling any albums.

  • Raph

    Haven’t you guys made the exact same article for her 10th chart topper?

  • belladonnamadon

    Selling over 1million doesn’t make you an album seller. Lol Taylor Swift did 1million in a week twice lol so yeah like I said not hating its just a fact. Lol

  • LittleDreamer

    You make it sound like reaching Platinum with an album is a walk in the park. So everyone who doesn’t sell as many records as Taylor Swift isn’t an album seller?

    And why compare her to other artists? Donovan nor me never claimed Rihanna is the best there is, so why pull out this list of artists you are selling more albums than Rihanna? I just don’t get it.

    I’m not her biggest fan but you seem vehemently intent on undermining her success, maybe she’s not as sucessful as others out there but she is successful.

  • Whatup

    Haha. That phone in SOS. My goodness, times have changed

  • guest

    nobody will remember these albums in several years while hit singles, real hit singles like Rihanna’s will be remembered.

  • We updated the post from last year and added her latest No. 1.

  • Jeroen Alblas

    my faves

    01 Diamond
    02 What’s my name with Drake
    03 We found love
    04 Take a bow
    05 Love the way you lie with Eminem
    06 S&M with Britney Spears
    07 Only Girl in the world
    08 Umbrella with Jay-Z
    09 The Monster with Eminem
    10 Rude boy
    11 Disturbia
    12 Live your life with T.Pain
    13 SOS

    Top 10 faves

    01 Unfaithful
    02 Take care with Drake
    03 Where have you been
    04 Hate that I love you with Ne-yo
    05 Cheers (drink to that)
    06 Stay with Mikky Ekko
    07 Don’t stop the Music
    08 Pon de Replay
    09 Run this town with Jay-Z
    10 Russian Roulette

    Other singles

    01 Princess of China with Coldplay
    02 Man down
    03 Who’s that Chick with David Guetta
    04 Rehab with Justin Timblerlake
    05 California King Bed
    06 Shut up and drive
    07 You da one
    08 Te Amo
    08 If it’s loving that you want
    09 Hard with Jeezy
    10 Pour it up

  • Love how detailed you got. Totally agree regarding Take Care. One of her best non chart-toppers.

  • Sassy pantaloons
  • jordanstacey

    It’s a dang good thing Rihanna sells albums too then!

    She’s sold at least 114 million albums placing her in the top 20 of all time… so if she’s not selling albums then I don’t know who is.