Rihanna Scores Her First Movie Role

“You just sank my battleship.” I wonder if Rihanna will get to utter those iconic words in the movie adaptation of the classic board game, Battleship. According to Variety, Rihanna has signed on to appear in the movie. This will mark her acting debut.

Ri-Ri joins True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard, and Friday Night Light’s Taylor Kitsch in the Peter Berg directed action flick. Not sure how they’ll create an engaging story from a 80s board game. Will Skarsgard and Rihanna be reciting B5, C9, A2 combinations to each other as they try to sink each fleet of carriers and battleships? One thing is certain, this is one good looking cast.

I hope they allow Rihanna to keep her unique sense of style. How awesome would it be to see Ri-Ri’s rooster-like hairstyles flopping back and forth on the high seas? You know one thing is guaranteed. Rihanna will most likely be featured in the film’s soundtrack. Care to make any predictions on title or lyrics. I’m think it’ll go something like this:

You have my ship
And we’ll never be oceans apart
Maybe in naval academy
But you’ll still be my star

You sunk my Battleship, ship, ship, ship. Eh eh eh.

So umbrella owners, how do you feel about Rihanna’s new adventure. Do you think she should’ve dabbled into TV first like Bieber or an indie flick before starring in a major big-budget studio film?