Rihanna is currently on the 777 Tour with a 150 reporters from various print, radio, television, and online media. They all got to see Rihanna at the beginning of the trip as she walked through the plane to welcome them all, but since then, nothing and they’re all going a little coo coo with cabin fever. At around 3AM last night while waiting to depart on their flight from Berlin, everyone was chanting for her to come on the plane, or saying things like “save our jobs” and “just one headline.”

“So yeah, the #777tour plane staged a revolution against Rihanna on flight between Berlin and London,” Fuse senior writer Jason Newman tweeted. “Crowd chanted ‘Just one quote!,’ ‘I need a headline!’ and ‘Occupy 777’ while Aussie journo stripped naked and ran around the plane.” The streaker was Australian DJ Tim Dormer. I’ve included the video of the streaker below, with Esteban Serrano from Fuse saying to the camera, “We were looking for a story, and we turned out to be the story.”

Some of the hashtags being used include #FreeTheRihanna150 and #WhereHaveYouBeenAllThisFlight.

Reporter Sara D. Anderson from PopCrush explains how she is feeling on Day 5 of the tour:

“Day 5 and the 150 journalists have developed cabin fever; we are consistently behind schedule, standing in lines, checking in to hotels and airports, and sitting on planes and buses. We camped out for five hours at a Berlin warehouse that was formerly an electrical substation, listening to the same set list we’ve heard everyday since Wednesday and wondering if Rihanna is ever going to make another appearance on the plane. (For the record, we have not seen her since Mexico City.) Don’t get us wrong, we realize what an amazing opportunity this is to travel to seven countries with one of the biggest pop stars in the world. But at some point, the three hours of sleep a night just doesn’t cut it. And as a result we all reached a breaking point, which erupted on the 777 Boeing en route to London…..To be clear, we are not neglecting the hard work put in by the label reps, airline staff and even the trip coordinator (YoungJets) who are responsible for executing this crazy excursion. We even chatted with YoungJets CEO David Young in Berlin, who organized and coordinated the entire trip — and are humbled by his day-to-day execution. We’re just beginning to wonder if this 777 Tour idea is just too big of a thing.”

Australian DJ Tim Dormer Streaks On Plane