Yesterday, I posted about all the drama that has been taking place with the 150 reporters that have been touring with Rihanna on the 777 Tour as they all start to lose it due to lack of sleep. It was chaos on the plane as they departed from Berlin to London, but it looks that the drama of the tour carried over to London as well.

During her performance of “Where Have You Been,” the star abruptly stopped the song at the 1:06 mark and turned to her band and said, “Alright, what the f**k. Stop this sh*t. What the f**k is that?” She added, “Why is the track off from the band? This is the bullsh*t we deal with when we are just doing a random rock and roll tour with no rehearsal and sh*t.” The Unapologetic singer then said, “I apologize for everyone [live streaming] at home… We are going to start this one again from the top.”

Watch a video of the performance, including where Rihanna loses her cool at the 1:06 mark.

Rihanna 777 Tour – Live from London – “Where Have You Been”